Heather Scheiwe Kulp

Lecturer, Negotiation Workshop at Harvard Law School

Clinical Instructor, Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program

As a teacher at Harvard Law School, Heather Scheiwe Kulp supervises the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) client projects in conflict management and dispute systems design. She also worked with Professor Robert Bordone, as a clinical fellow in HNMCP, to develop “The Lawyer as Facilitator” course. Prior to joining Harvard Law, Kulp was a Skadden Fellow at Resolution Systems Institute/Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, where she designed court- and government-based conflict management systems for self-represented and low-income parties. She focused on foreclosure dispute resolution programs, but also conducted research and systems design in the areas of elder, child custody, and small-claims mediation. Her conflict management consulting clients have included Physicians Computer Company, the State of Hawaii, the Uniform Law Commission, and the Utah Bar Association.

Kulp’s work is published in scholarly and popular press, including the Arkansas Law Review, the Los Angeles Times, the Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, and Wipf and Stock publications. She is a member of the Illinois Bar, and prior to law school she founded and directed Alive Magazine, an alternative publication for young women.

B.A., Saint Olaf College

J.D., Northwestern University School of Law

Research interests

Dispute systems design, negotiation, conflict management, mediation, legal ethics, housing law, entrepreneurship, the sharing economy, the arts

Selected publications

  • With Amanda L. Kool. “You Help Me, He Helps You: Dispute Systems Design in the Sharing Economy.” Washington University Journal of Law and Policy 48 (2015).
  • “A Tightrope over Both Your Houses: Ensuring Party Participation and Preserving Mediation’s Core Values in Foreclosure Mediation.” Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal 14, no. 2 (2014).
  • With Jennifer Shack. “Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Programs: Do They Work?” ABA Probate & Property, November/December 2013.
  • With Jennifer Shack. “A (Mortgage) Crisis in Communication: Foreclosure Dispute Resolution as Effective Response.” Arkansas Law Review 66 (2013).
  • “Increasing Referrals to Small Claims Mediation Programs.” Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 14 (2013).
  • With Professor Robert Bordone. “Can We Get a Political Timeout?” Los Angeles Times, October 25, 2012.



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