Patrick Field

Patrick Field is Managing Director at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI), Associate Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, and Senior Fellow at the University of Montana Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Policy. As one of the country’s most experienced group facilitators, Mr. Field has helped thousands of stakeholders reach agreement on organizational mergers, realignments, regulations, permits, and other issues land across the United States and Canada. He has trained and advised governments (federal, regional, state and local), corporations, foundations, and non-governmental organizations.

Co-author of the award-winning book, Dealing with an Angry Public, Mr. Field is listed on the roster of conflict resolution professionals of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Massachusetts Office of Dispute Resolution.

Mr. Field holds a Masters in Urban Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BA from Carleton College, summa cum laude.

Research interests:

– Energy Policy – resource and energy extraction

– Environment and Natural Resources Impact – climate change adaptation, coastal management, water and air quality, agricultural policy

– Land Use Planning and Development, Construction – First Nation tax and policy, sustainable development, planning and permitting, transportation, affordable housing, cultural heritage sites

– Organizational Development – members’ organization governance, voting procedures and processes, strategic planning, effective meetings

Selected Courses/Presentations/Trainings:

2010 State Legislative Agricultural Chairs Summit, Orlando, FL
Plenary presentation on Dealing with an Angry Public and roundtable discussion.

2007-10 Public Apology, Boston, MA, San Diego, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Seattle, WA, Washington, D.C. , Calgary and Alberta
Developed and co-taught half-day public apology course for EPA Region I, EPA Headquarters, and DOI’s Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution office, the Alberta Municipal Affairs Mediation program, the Boston Bar Association, and others.

2005- Present Resolving Land Use Disputes, Cambridge, MA and other locations.
Developed and taught two-day course in resolving land use disputes for numerous audiences.

2007-8 Veterans Administration, Bedford, MA
Taught a two-day leadership and negotiation course for mid-career VA nurses, doctors, and administrators.

2007 Petrobras Environmental Leaders Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lectured and trained on stakeholder engagement to nation-wide upstream staff.

2006 University of Kansas Self Fellows, Lawrence, KS
Taught two-day course in consensus building for graduate student fellows in a range of scientific and technical disciplines.

2006 Colorado Water Congress, Breckinridge, CO
Lectured on consensus building in water disputes.

2006 Urban Land Institute, Master Planning Communities Conference, Las Vegas, NV
Lectured on consensus building in land development disputes.

2004 American Planning Association 2004 Conference, Washington, D.C.
Co-panelist on consensus building in planning disputes.

2004 Urban Land Institute, Southwest Florida Winter Meeting, Naples, FL
Lectured on consensus building in land development disputes.

2004 United States Geological Survey, Reston, VA
Co-designed and co-taught two day workshop for USGS, BLM, and DOI scientists and policymakers regarding joint fact finding and science- intensive dispute resolution.

2003 National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C.
Co-taught a one-day course with the Keystone Center on risk communication and perception to the Mars and Prometheus NASA project teams.

2002 Fish and Wildlife Service, Phoenix, Arizona and Shepherdstown, WV
Taught two, five-day courses in resolving complex environmental disputes for management, biologists and other federal agency participants.

1999-2000 Simmons College, Boston, MA
Co-lectured for negotiation course for Graduate Program in Communications Management.

1999 University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA
Lectured for negotiation course for post-baccalaureate Dispute Resolution Certificate Program students.


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