The Israeli-Palestinian Final Status Talks: A Partial Success

Event Date: Monday February 3, 2003
Time: 12:00 P.M.
Location: Pound Hall 201, Harvard Law School

Professor Menachem Klein of Bar Ilan University, Israel

The Program on Negotiation will welcome Professor Klein of Bar Ilan University on Monday, Feb. 3. Professor Klein will present a talk, “The Israeli-Palestinian Final Status Talks: A Partial Success”.

Professor Klein will analyze the peace talks held from 1999-2001 and will discuss the relationship of the Intifada to the failure of the Camp David 2 Summit. He also will discuss the interactions among the three sides involved, the two parties and the American mediator, and how he believes their interactions led to the failure to reach an agreement.

Professor Klein will base his talk on his forthcoming book, The Jerusalem Problem — The Struggle for Permanent Status.

Participants are asked to bring a lunch with them. Soft drinks and dessert will be provided by PON.
Open to the public.

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