The BothAnd Initiative (BAI)

Event Date: Wednesday March 16, 2005
Time: DRF: 8:30-10:00am (Continental Breakfast at 8:00) Peervision Case Conference: 10:15-11:30am
Location: Pound Hall, 2nd Floor, John Chipman Gray Room, Harvard Law School

Joshua N. Weiss

Dr. Joshua N. Weiss, Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project at PON, will discuss an innovative ongoing project called The BothAnd Initiative (BAI). The BAI — a joint undertaking with the California-based Mainstream Media Project — seeks to start a shift in the national conversation from destructive debate to creative problem-solving by demonstrating new forms of constructive interaction in broadcast media. With a emphasis on talk radio, BAI is orienting expert guests and talk show hosts to the BothAnd approach and perspective so they are equipped to model constructive conversations on the airwaves.

Dr. Weiss will give an overview of the project, explain the training mediums and BothAnd process, discuss challenges, and solicit feedback, ideas, and questions from participants.

Following the DRF, Ajay Divakaran will present a Peervision case based on collaboration between the research department of a Japanese company in the US and one of its departments located in Japan. Communication between the two departments was difficult, even after a representative from Japan came to the US. Questions for discussion include: How do you resolve conflicts between departments in a corporate setting? Would it have made a difference if the parties were from the same culture?

Ajay Divakaran was an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, University of Jodhpur, India. He is now a Senior Team Leader – Senior Principal Member of Technical Staff at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL).

Please RSVP to Kim Wright,, or by fax to (617) 495-7818.


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