Program on Negotiation (PON) Film Series Screening of ‘The Island President’ Featured in the Harvard Crimson

Event Date: Thursday January 1, 1970

The Program on Negotiation Film Series recently screened “The Island President,” the story of President Mohamed Nasheed’s efforts to garner world-wide attention on climate change, as rising sea levels threatened the survival of his country, the Maldives.

In introducing the film, PON Managing Director Susan Hackley said:

“This wonderful film shows how a skilled negotiator representing a small country could stand up to bigger powers and be heard. It’s a great lesson for students of negotiation, who wonder how someone seemingly powerless can negotiate effectively.”

The Harvard Crimson highlighted the event, describing the documentary and the plight of the Maldives. Facilitating the discussion following the film was Hardy Merriman, Senior Advisor to the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

About the PON Film Series: The PON Film Series is a forum for discussing negotiation theory and practice through the analysis of conflicts depicted in documentary or feature films. The Film Series also presents and honors filmmakers whose films increase our understanding of negotiation and conflict transformation. For future events, please click here.

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