Video: Arab and Jewish high school students learn negotiation skills with PON

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Dr. Shula Gilad, Senior Fellow at the Program on Negotiation, recently helped launch an innovative new program for high school students in Israel.  With support from the Office of Public Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Program on Negotiation co-sponsored three two-day workshops, which brought together a total of 180 Arab and Jewish students for training on negotiation and conflict resolution.

Working with facilitators from Israeli Palestinian Negotiation Partners (IPNP), faculty encouraged the students to consider new ways of approaching conflict, and to look for creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.  Students also benefitted from the opportunity to build cross-cultural friendships and practice their English language skills.

In this video, Dr. Gilad and other facilitators share some reflections on the value of these innovative workshops.

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