Program on Negotiation Welcomes Visiting Scholar Stefanos Mouzas

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Stefanos Mouzas is Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Lancaster University Management School in England, where he is also affiliated with the Center of Law and Society.  He received his B.Sc. (Economics) from the University of Athens, LL.M. (Contract Law) from University of Bristol, and Ph.D. (Marketing) from Lancaster University. He was Visiting Professor at University of Bocconi (2009), Singapore Management University (2010), University of Duesseldorf (2010-13) and Vienna University of Economics and Business WU (2013).

Professor Mouzas’ research examines imperfections in how business actors interact with each other.

His work aims to identify errors and problems in how actors interact with their customers and suppliers and how they arrive at a jointly agreed action, manifested in a business contract.

This work cuts across the fields of Law (Contract Law), Economics (Behavioral Economics), and Management (Business-to-Business Marketing); and includes environmental negotiations, manufacturer-retailer negotiations and corporate deal-making between financial institutions. His recent work highlights significant discrepancies between the way that CO2 markets are designed and the way that they are actually operated, (see ‘Market-based Responses to Climate Change’ published in Organization Studies). Professor Mouzas investigates a range of inter-firm arrangements manifested in ‘umbrella agreements’ (framework contracts). Businesses recognize the importance of umbrella agreements with others because they optimize the required level of reliance and flexibility. Professor Mouzas is the author of the research report ‘Negotiating Umbrella Agreements’ published in the Negotiation Journal at PON at Harvard Law School. For more information on his work on ‘umbrella agreements’, see ‘From Contract to Umbrella Agreement’ published in the Cambridge Law Journal; ‘Managing Relationships in Showery Weather: The Role of Umbrella Agreements’ published in the Journal of Business Research; and, ‘A Proposed Taxonomy of Contracts’ published in the Journal of Contract Law.

While at PON, Professor Stefanos Mouzas will collaborate with Professor Guhan Subramanian to investigate what explains disagreement in negotiation and what contingencies enable the crafting of umbrella agreements. He can be reached at: .

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