HNLR Symposium Review: “Ideas and Impact: Roger Fisher’s Legacy”

Event Date: Thursday January 1, 1970

On March 2, 2013, the Harvard Negotiation Law Review held their 2013 Symposium, entitled “Ideas and Impact: Roger Fisher’s Legacy.” This event celebrated Professor Fisher, co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project and the Program on Negotiation. Professor Fisher passed away last summer.

During the day-long event, distinguished panelists explored current trends and opportunities for aspiring scholars and practitioners in the alternative dispute resolution field through the perspective of Professor Fisher’s work.

Video of each panel is available on the HNLR website here: and includes the following:


Panel 1: “The Little-Known Professor Fisher: Path to a Life in Alternative Dispute Resolution”

Panelists: Amy J. Cohen, Andrea Schneider, Daniel Shapiro, William Ury

Moderator: Michael Wheeler


Panel 2: “The Impact of Roger Fisher’s Work at Home”

Panelists: Jared R. Curhan, David A. Hoffman, Grande Lum, Andrew S. Tulumello

Moderator: Michael Moffitt


Panel 3: “The Impact of Roger Fisher’s Work Abroad”

Panelists: Diana Chigas, Alain Lempereur, Bruce Patton

Moderator: Eileen F. Babbitt


Panel 4: “The Future of Dispute Resolution”

Panelists: Sheila Heen, Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow, Robert H. Mnookin, Robert Ricigliano

Moderator: Robert C. Bordone


The Negotiation Journal also published a group of articles celebrating Professor Fisher’s legacy, which are available on the Wiley website here:


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