One-Day Session: SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

What You Can Learn from the World of Diplomacy

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Session Leader: Gabriella Blum

Executives and business professionals rarely view themselves as diplomats engaged in international diplomacy. However, savvy business negotiators often find that the two areas of expertise share negotiation skills and negotiation techniques.The globalization of business compels negotiators to work harder at creating and sustaining long-term relationships with other companies. To do so, they must understand and manage the forces that diplomats, as international negotiators, have coped with for centuries.

Diplomats know that the secret to building relationships lies in understanding other countries’ concerns and priorities, appreciating cultural and linguistic differences, and relying not only on leaders but on domestic buy-in. Similarly, global business executives must work across boundaries of culture, language, and management styles to build long-term, successful relationships.

For both diplomats and executives, negotiations often require engaging multiple parties, which adds both complexity and opportunity. Utilizing a combination of theoretical analyses, case studies, and simulations, this new program will focus on negotiating across and behind the table and provide strategies and tactics for successful cross-cultural and international negotiations. This workshop will deepen your understanding of the issues and challenges that are inherent in negotiating internationally.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Acquire a framework for negotiating and drafting international agreements.
  • Examine strategies for managing constituencies.
  • Explore the cross-cultural dimensions of negotiations.
  • Assess the importance of power in international negotiations.
  • Consider the benefits and risks of involving mediators in the negotiation process.
  • Discover how to build and maintain coalitions in multiparty negotiations.
  • Assess the limits of negotiations.


Negotiation and Leadership: $3,497

Bonus Day: $1,497 per day

September One-day bonus session: What You Can Learn from the World of Diplomacy

Gabriella Blum

Gabriella Blum is the Rita E. Hauser Professor of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law at Harvard Law School, and Co-Director of the HLS-Brookings Project on Law and Security.

Following her studies of law and economics at Tel-Aviv University, Blum joined the Israel Defense Forces, and served as a senior legal advisor in the International Law Department, Military Advocate General’s Corps. During her military service, she was involved in the Israeli-Arab peace negotiations, Israeli strategic cooperation with foreign forces, and the administration of the Palestinian occupied territories.