Bonus Day: September 15, 2022, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET

Negotiating the Non-Negotiable: Transforming Conflict Into Opportunity

Faculty: Daniel Shapiro

Conflict can be a huge drain on organizational success— hindering productivity, innovation, and morale.

Even if we apply conventional tools of negotiation, the same problematic dynamics often reemerge at work and at home, creating a dangerous cycle of anger and frustration that threatens our relationships and the bottom line.

So how can we turn conflict from a net loss into an opportunity for mutual gain?

Recent psychological research offers crucial insights. Whether it’s a squabble between co-workers or a contractual conflict between businesses, there are a small set of hidden emotional dynamics that have a substantial impact on your business success. In fact, even a situation that begins collaboratively can quickly escalate into a combative “me versus you” disagreement—a phenomenon world-renowned negotiation expert Daniel Shapiro refers to as the Tribes Effect. In this one-day program, you’ll gain a groundbreaking, practical method to reconcile your most contentious personal and professional relationships and untangle your toughest conflicts.

Specifically, you’ll discover how to convert a divisive mindset into a communal mindset by overcoming what Professor Shapiro has dubbed the “Five Lures of the Tribal Mind”:

  1. Vertigo—An emotional state in which you become consumed by a business or personal conflict and lose sense of the bigger picture.
  2. Repetition Compulsion—The tendency to repeat the same dysfunctional patterns of conflict within your organization.
  3. Taboos—Organizational customs that prohibit you from discussing core issues in the conflict, severely curtailing resolution.
  4. Assault on the Sacred—An attack on your most cherished organizational or personal values, triggering a strong emotional response.
  5. Identity Politics—The manipulation of your identity by someone else for their own political gain.

Through in-depth lectures, discussion groups, and interactive exercises, you’ll acquire a deeper understanding of these lures— and learn how to overcome them, whether in business or in life.

With this new set of tools and frameworks, you’ll be better able to resolve conflict, build stronger relationships, and address the challenges of negotiating in our interconnected world.