The Program on Negotiation welcomes students from all colleges and universities in the Boston area who have an interest in the field of negotiation and conflict management. We invite you to become part of the PON community! This can include coming to our many events, starting with our fall Open House, where you will meet fellow students and faculty and hear about opportunities to get involved. Other events include talks with world leaders, film showings and discussions that illuminate important aspects of conflict, and lunch and seminar talks that highlight negotiation aspects of current events.

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Check out our grant and fellowship opportunities below. Our Graduate Research Fellows and grant recipients are contributing exciting new research in the field of negotiation.

PON Events

The Program on Negotiation hosts a wide variety of events throughout the academic year, including conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, student discussions, book talks, film series events, and more.

Please visit our events page to learn more.

Funding Opportunities from PON

Graduate Research Fellowships
The PON Graduate Research Fellowship provides support for one year of dissertation research for doctoral students. Successful candidate receive a stipend of $26,000, access to PON facilities and Harvard libraries, and the opportunity to make deep connections to the PON community.

Summer Fellowships
PON offers summer fellowship grants to students doing internships or undertaking summer research projects with public, nonprofit, or academic organizations in the field of negotiation and dispute resolution. Summer fellowships for up to $3,500 are open to currently enrolled students who will be returning to school the following semester in the Boston area.

Graduate Student Grants
PON Graduate Student Grants are designed to support cutting-edge research at the graduate level in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. Grants are awarded for specific research projects in amounts of up to $1,000.

Next Generation Grants
The PON Next Generation Grants support research in negotiation and conflict resolution by non-tenured faculty and doctoral students. Grants are awarded for specific research projects to successful applicants within PON’s inter-university consortium. Doctoral student grants are limited to $5,000. Non-tenured, tenure-track faculty grants are limited to $10,000, of which no more than $5,000 should be for personnel.

PON Semester-Length Seminars on Negotiation and Mediation

PON offers two semester-length courses each year that are open to the public: Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the fall, and Mediation and Conflict Management in the spring. These courses typically include participants from a wide range of disciplines, professional fields, and life experiences. Please visit our PON Seminar page to learn more.

Courses at PON Consortium Schools & Other Boston Area Universities

For more information about current negotiation and conflict mediation course offerings, please visit the school’s websites:

Harvard Law School
Harvard Business School
Harvard Kennedy School
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Fletcher School, Tufts University
The Heller School, Brandeis University
Simmons College
UMass Boston

Check out the following programs at Harvard Law School to learn more about negotiation and mediation:

Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program
Harvard Negotiators
Harvard Mediation Program

Negotiation and Decision Making in Public Policy: Policy in the Bush Era and Beyond

PON Staff   •  03/15/2007   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

The PON Student Interest Group (SIG) Fireside Chat with

Professor Max Bazerman
Harvard Business School and
Member, PON Executive Committee
Thursday, March 15, 2007
4:00 – 5:30 P.M.
Pound Hall 513 (PON Offices), Harvard Law School
(click for map)

Please join Professor Max Bazerman for the third PON Fireside Chat, a new series that provides students with an opportunity to meet cutting-edge negotiation … Read More 

Student Interest Group Fireside Chat with Prof. Guhan Subramanian

PON Staff   •  02/20/2007   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Professor Guhan Subramanian, Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business, Harvard Law School
Acting Co-Chair, PON Executive Committee

Please join Professor Guhan Subramanian for the second PON Fireside Chat, a new series that provides students with an opportunity to meet cutting-edge negotiation faculty. Professor Subramanian will discuss his experiences in the field of dispute resolution, and his … Read More 

PON Faculty and Student Holiday Wine and Cheese

PON Staff   •  11/29/2006   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Kick off the holiday season with PON’s Student Interest Group and faculty, including:

Robert Bordone, Harvard Law School
Florrie Darwin, Harvard Law School
Mari Fitzduff, Brandeis University
Deborah Kolb, Simmons School of Management
Deepak Malhotra, Harvard Business School
Lawrence Susskind, MIT
…and others!

Meet and mingle with students interested in negotiation and conflict resolution from Boston-area universities, learn more about faculty research and … Read More 

Bubbly Island

PON Staff   •  11/04/2006   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Do you want to be an Ambassador for a day, learn to negotiate in an international multilateral diplomatic conference setting with more than 30 countries, and experience behind-the-scenes crisis decision-making processes and coalition-building between EU and NATO countries?

Are you willing to test your leadership skills by managing the stresses of an international crisis, late-breaking events, … Read More 

Pursuing a Career in Dispute Resolution/ADR with a Law Degree

PON Staff   •  10/20/2006   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Stephanie Smith – Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School

Please join Stephanie Smith, Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School and HLS graduate, to hear about career options in dispute resolution.

Stephanie Smith is a trainer and consultant to business, government and philanthropy on issues involving the prevention, management and resolution of conflict. Prior to Stanford, she … Read More 

PON Open House

PON Staff   •  09/19/2006   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Are you interested in negotiation
and conflict resolution?
Meet other Boston-area faculty, individuals and students interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution at PON’s annual Open House! Free food and drinks, and information about ways for students to get involved. Brief presentations at 8:10 pm.
The negotiation social event of the year!
For more info, contact Sarah Woodside at or … Read More 

Women, Negotiation and Leadership

PON Staff   •  04/19/2006   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Join the Program on Negotiation and Deborah Kolb for a workshop on highly effective and strategic negotiation moves that women can use to get what they need to be successful in any leadership role.

Deborah Kolb is the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at the Simmons School of Management, co-director of PON’s Program … Read More 

Student Interest Group Fall Mixer

PON Staff   •  11/03/2003   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students

Come meet other students who share your interests and learn how to get involved with the Program on Negotiation (an interuniversity consortium of Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Simmons, and other Boston-area schools).

Discussion groups will be formed and we will discuss training and career opportunities for the coming year.

Can’t make it to the mixer, but still want … Read More 

PON Open House and North Korea Discussion

PON Staff   •  09/15/2003   •  Filed in Events, Student Events, Students, Webcasts

PON Open House Special Presentation: Crisis In North Korea – Is It Negotiable?
RealPlayer Recommended (download here)

The Program on Negotiation’s 2003 Open House introduced over 100 interested faculty, students, and community members to the work of PON through a substantive talk on nuclear proliferation and North Korea. In the presentation Crisis in North Korea: Is it … Read More 

Raiffa Receives Honorary Degree From Harvard University

PON Staff   •  06/07/2002   •  Filed in News, Students

Howard Raiffa, Director Emeritus of the Program on Negotiation’s Negotiation Roundtable received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at Harvard University’s 2002 Commencement Excercises. Raiffa is Harvard University’s Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Managerial Economics Emeritus, and a pioneer in the field of decision analysis. A mathematician by training, Raiffa is an originator of … Read More 

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