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The Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School welcomes students from across the Boston area who are interested in negotiation, mediation, and conflict management. Advancing issues of negotiation is central to our mission of helping individuals become more effective leaders. That’s why we offer students access to expert insights, internship opportunities, funding for research, and more.

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We host various events throughout the year, including conversations with world leaders, film series, book discussions, and seminars on current negotiation and mediation tactics employed around the globe. For details about upcoming events, click here.

Fall Grant Programs:
Next Generation Grant Applications due Nov. 16


PON provides fellowship and grant opportunities to help qualified individuals pursue academic research and projects in the field of negotiation.

Graduate Research Fellowships
Graduate Research Fellowships are designed to encourage young scholars from the social sciences and professional disciplines to pursue theoretical, empirical, and/or applied research in negotiation and dispute resolution. Each fellow receives a $30,000 stipend for one year of dissertation research and writing in negotiation and related topics in alternative dispute resolution. The fellowship also provides full access to PON facilities and Harvard libraries. To learn more, click here.

Summer Fellowships
Summer fellowship grants focus on the connection between scholarship and practice in negotiation and dispute resolution by supporting students interested in exploring career paths, either professional or academic. Summer fellowships provide students at Harvard University, MIT, Tufts University, and other Boston-area schools with up to $3,500 for internships or summer research projects in negotiation and dispute resolution in partnership with public, nonprofit, or academic organizations. To apply, click here.

Next Generation Grants
Next Generation Grants support research in negotiation and conflict resolution by nontenured faculty and doctoral students. Faculty and students from any school or department within PON’s interuniversity consortium (Harvard, MIT, Tufts) may apply. Postdoctoral students with formal affiliations to Harvard or one of our consortium schools are also welcome to apply. Doctoral student grants are limited to $5,000; nontenured, tenure-track faculty grants are limited to $10,000. To learn more, click here.

Graduate Student Grants
Our Student Grants program supports cutting-edge research projects in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution at the graduate level. Grants are awarded for specific research projects in amounts of up to $1,000. Students from any Boston-area school may apply. To learn more, click here.


PON Seminars
PON runs two semester-length courses designed to increase public awareness and understanding of successful conflict resolution. Programs provide participants with a conceptual framework and practical advice for professional and personal development in dispute resolution.

These courses are open to the public and draw participants from a wide range of disciplines, professional fields, and life experiences.

Harvard Law School Negotiation and Mediation Programs
Harvard Law School offers a number of negotiation and mediation opportunities in addition to the offerings at PON:

Somerville Mediation Program

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Somerville Mediation Program

Somerville Community Corporation
One Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144
617-625-6600 X6146

Contact: Alice Comack

There is an internship available in our peer-mediation program at Somerville High School. This program primarily handles disputes between students. Intern duties include conducting intake and setting up mediations, co-mediating and assisting in the training of student mediators. A requirement for this internship is … Read Somerville Mediation Program 

Susan Podziba & Associates

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Susan Podziba & Associates

21 Orchard Road
Brookline, MA 02445

Tel: (617)738-5320
Fax: (617)738-6911

Contact: Susan Podziba

Susan Podziba & Associates conducts processes that enable government to engage with stakeholders to resolve complex public policy questions and conflicts. SP&A designs unique processes to address seemingly impossible situations, guides complex multi-stakeholder deliberations to create actionable solutions, and works in diverse subject areas … Read Susan Podziba & Associates 

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Boston Area Office

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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Boston Area Office

John F. Kennedy Federal Building
475 Government Center
Boston, MA 02203
Tel: 1-800-669-4000
Fax: 617-565-3196


Contact: Elizabeth Marcus, Mediator
(617) 565-3212

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1964 to eradicate discrimination in employment. The various statutes enforced by the Commission prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of … Learn More About This Program 

Framingham Court Mediation Services, Inc.

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Framingham Court Mediation Services, Inc.

600 Concord Street
Framingham, MA 01702
Tel: 508-872-9495
Fax: 508-872-9764

Contact: Susan Ostberg

FCMS, established in 1979, is a public, non-profit organization serving the communities of MetroWest, the Framingham, Concord, Marlborough, and Natick District Courts, and the Middlesex Juvenile Court, as well as the Middlesex Probate and Family Court. We provide alternative dispute resolution services for … Read Framingham Court Mediation Services, Inc. 

2010 HNLR Symposium: The Negotiation Within

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The Harvard Negotiation Law Review invites you to its 2010 symposium:
The Negotiation Within on February 27, 2010.

About the symposium:

“Most people think of negotiation as something that occurs between two or more parties with conflicting goals. Negotiation is not, however, always between different parties. Every negotiator brings her experiences and backgrounds to the table. … Read 2010 HNLR Symposium: The Negotiation Within 

Mediation 101: A Practical Introduction to Personal and Professional Mediation

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PON and the Harvard Mediation Program Present:
Mediation 101: A Practical Introduction to Personal and Professional Mediation

with Titus Lin and Brent Lanoue,
External Training Directors for the Harvard Mediation Program

Join us for an introduction to the field of mediation. Trainers from the Harvard Mediation Program will describe what mediation is, its benefits, and how mediation fits into … Learn More About This Program 

Advanced Negotiation/Mediation: Reconciliation

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Advanced Negotiation/Mediation: Reconciliation (ConRes 603)

FALL 2013

David E. Matz

This is a “changing topics” course. Each semester it examines the resolution of conflict in a different context(s); topics covered in the past have included Arab Israeli Negotiation, Women and Conflict, Public Policy Disputes, Organizational Conflict, and Workplace Conflict.  Specific focus and … Read Advanced Negotiation/Mediation: Reconciliation 

Advanced Intervention

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Advanced Intervention (DisRes 626)

FALL 2013


This course applies the principles of mediation and other forms of intervention to a particular context. Each year, the specific course context changes. Possibilities include intervention in environmental disputes, family disputes, organizational disputes, or international disputes.

(Thursday 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.) … Read Advanced Intervention 

Conflict Resolution Systems for Organizations

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Conflict Resolution Systems for Organizations (DisRes 625)


David Matz

This course is designed to deepen students’ understanding of open and hidden organizational conflict and the formal and informal dispute resolution systems that address or obscure these conflicts. Students will examine different kinds of conflict management systems and the criteria for … Read Conflict Resolution Systems for Organizations 

Cross-Cultural Conflict

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Cross-Cultural Conflict (ConRes 624)

FALL 2013


This course emphasizes the special characteristics of conflict based in religious, ethnic, national, or racial identity-conflicts that the field calls “intractable.” The primary focus of the course is on intervention techniques that have been used and that have been proposed for use in these settings. … Read Cross-Cultural Conflict 

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