Negotiating Peace in Sudan

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Negotiating Peace in Sudan
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Beyond addressing the current humanitarian crisis in Darfur, how can long-term peace and security be forged in Sudan? On October 29, 2004, a distinguished panel of academics and practitioners joined us at Harvard Law School to explore Sudan’s interrelated conflicts and mediation efforts. Panelists surveyed Sudan’s turbulent history, internal … Read More 

Richard Holbrooke Receives the Great Negotiator Award

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Discussion I:
Negotiating an End to the Balkans Crisis
Richard Holbrooke
Antonia Handler Chayes
James Sebenius
Michael Watkins

Faculty Discussion II:
Resolving the United Nations Dues Dispute
Richard Holbrooke
Hannah Riley Bowles
Robert Orr
James Sebenius

Great Negotiator Award Presentation
Richard Holbrooke
Lawrence Summers
Robert Mnookin
James Sebenius

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Download Background Materials for our Discussion with Richard Holbrooke:

“Richard Holbrooke: Negotiating U.S. Dues to the United Nations (A)”

“Richard Holbrooke: Negotiating U.S. … Read More 

Students: Interested in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution?

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PON Fall Kick-Off Webcast
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Watch the webcast of the Program on Negotiation’s kick-off event to learn about PON’s activities and how you can get involved.

Special Presentation

HLS Professor Robert Mnookin, PON chair and director of the Harvard Negotiation Research Project, and HLS Visiting Professor Lawrence Susskind, director of the Harvard-MIT Public Disputes Project, describe … Read More 

Conference in Honor of Howard Raiffa

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Conference In Honor Of Howard Raiffa
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The Program on Negotiation is pleased to announce a conference and reception on Monday, May 24th in honor of Professor Howard Raiffa’s lifetime of work and in celebration of his 80th birthday. This event is open to the public.

Howard Raiffa is the Frank P. Ramsey Professor (Emeritus) … Read More 

Building A Career in Conflict Resolution

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Workshop I – Mapping Your Own Conflict Resolution Career Path

Workshop II – Getting Your Foot in the Backdoor: Strategies for Building a Career in Conflict Resolution

Workshop III – Strategies for Success as a Conflict Resolution Professional
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Workshop I

Mapping Your Own Conflict
Resolution Career Path
March 8, 2004

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What is the range of backgrounds that … Read More 

Former Clearinghouse Releases New Teaching Video

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Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series: Michael Wheeler
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The Program on Negotiation is pleased to announce the release of the first video in a new series for negotiation educators, entitled “PON Negotiation Pedagogy Video Series, Part One: Professor Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business School.” Unscripted and unrehearsed, the video shows Professor Wheeler teaching an actual Harvard … Read More 

Negotiation Conference Examines West Bank and Gaza Settlements

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Opening Remarks
Dean Elena Kagan
Harvard Law School
Dean Richard Morgan
UNLV Boyd School of Law

Introduction to the Settlement Dilemma
Robert Mnookin

Panel 1
Religious and Ideological Dimensions

Panel 2
Political Dimensions

Panel 3
Psychological Dimensions

Panel 4
Legal Dimensions and Human Rights Issues

Panel 5
Compensation Schemes and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Panel 6
International Dimensions, The Role of Third Parties

Concluding Comments
Robert Mnookin

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Reported by the Harvard Law School News … Read More 

Stuart Eizenstat: 2003 Great Negotiator

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Panel Discussion with Stuart Eizenstat
Great Negotiator Award Ceremony
RealPlayer Recommended (download here)
Recipient of the 2003 Great Negotiator Award

Download the background document, Stuart Eizenstat and The Negotiation of The Final Accounts of World War II
(PDF 137kb)

The 2003 Great Negotiator Award
Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Stuart Eizenstat, former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Under Secretary of Commerce, Under Secretary … Read More 

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