New England Newsmakers: The Art of Negotiation

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Program on Negotiation (PON) Managing Director Susan Hackley was featured in CN8’s (the Comcast Network) New England Newsmakers’ piece on the Women2Women International Leadership Conference Cultural Exchange sponsored by Empower Peace.

The Empower Peace “Women2Women” conference is a five-day forum aimed at empowering future young women leaders from the Middle East, Near East, and the United … Read More 

PON-Affiliated Faculty Receive Teaching Awards

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Three PON-affiliated faculty were presented with teaching awards by the graduating class at their respective schools. The award-recipients were selected by the graduating class.

Harvard Law School (HLS) Assistant Clinical Professor Robert Bordone was this year’s winner of the prestigious Sacks-Freund Teaching Award. The award was presented at Class Day exercises by the graduating class in … Read More 

Peacemakers in Action: Profiles of Religion in Conflict Resolution

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A panel discussion on the recently released book, Peacemakers in Action (Cambridge University Press, 2007), produced by the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding and edited by David Little.

Panelists include Susan Hackley, managing director of the Program on Negotiation; Joyce Dubensky, executive vice president of the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding; Ivo Markovic, Tanenbaum Peacemaker and … Read More 

PON Honors Bruce Wasserstein with the 2007 Great Negotiator Award

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Business leader Bruce Wasserstein was the 2007 recipient of the Great Negotiator Award given by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. As a graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, he has helped arrange more than a thousand transactions worth hundreds of billions of dollars and is currently the Chairman and … Read More 


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Program on Negotiation (PON) Managing Director Susan Hackley appeared on WCVB’s CityLine to discuss PON and the resources it offers, including Negotiation Newsletter and Executive Education workshops, as well as tried-and-true negotiation methods everyone can use in their personal and professional lives.

Watch the segment here. … Read More 

How To Fight Right

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Dan Shapiro, co-author of Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate, joins Boston’s Fox25 News to discuss how people can most effectively deal with their differences by using the three A’s: appreciation, affiliation and autonomy.

Dan is the founder and director of Harvard’s International Negotiation Intiative, Associate Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project and a faculty … Read More 

PON on the Negotiating Tip of the Week

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Program on Negotiation (PON) Managing Director Susan Hackley was interviewed by Josh Weiss, Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project, on his Negotiating Tip of the Week podcast. Susan talked about PON and what it has to offer, including Negotiation newsletter. Click here to learn more about Negotiation and for subscription information. To hear the … Read More 

Breaking Robert’s Rules: A Consensus-Building Approach to Organizational Governance

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Lawrence Susskind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Every day groups engage in debate and reach decisions using Robert’s Rules of Order. Although written with good intent, Robert’s rituals of parliamentary procedure and majority rule often produces a victorious majority and a very dissatisfied minority that expects to raise its concerns again in the next meeting, in the … Read More 

The Power of a Positive No

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Click here to listen to the podcast of Ury describing the “Positive No” from his new book with stories of Stephen Spielberg and Hugo Chavez.

Click here to watch the video of Ury discussing his book.

No is perhaps the most important and certainly the most powerful word in the language. Every day we find ourselves in … Read More 

Trust and Risk

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The inclination to trust or distrust is central to any kind of social interaction. Behavioral economist Iris Bohnet studies trust and betrayal aversion and how people’s ability to trust-or not-affects the workings of governments, economies, and individual interactions. Bohnet is a professor of public policy and is the faculty chair of the Women and Public … Read More