Video: Dr. William Ury Travels Abraham’s Path

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Dr. William Ury, Co-Founder of the Global Negotiation Initiative at the Program on Negotiation, has been a key leader in developing Abraham’s Path, a long distance walking trail that traces the footsteps of the ancient patriarch from Sanliurfa in south-east Turkey, through Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

Watch the video on Facebook: “Walking the Masar Ibrahim/Abraham’s … Read Video: Dr. William Ury Travels Abraham’s Path 

Gender Gaps in the Workplace

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In this video, Professor Iris Bohnet, Director of the Women and Public Policy Program and Academic Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School, discusses the “nudge” approach to closing the gender gap in the workplace. Professor Bohnet teaches negotiation skills and strategy in the Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives.

You can also read a full-length … Read Gender Gaps in the Workplace 

Video: Overcoming Obstacles in Negotiation

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Great negotiators utilize multiple strategies for dealing with obstacles and overcoming complications in negotiations. Key tactics include preparing systematically in advance, and focusing relentlessly on the interests of the other party, as well as one’s own.

In this video, Professor Mandell, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, shares his thoughts on … Read Video: Overcoming Obstacles in Negotiation 

Video: PON-sponsored negotiation workshop engages Jewish and Arab students in Tel Aviv

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In March 2011, Professor James Sebenius, Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, led a negotiation workshop for Jewish and Arab high school students in Tel Aviv, as part of a pilot program co-sponsored by the Program on Negotiation, with support from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. This innovative program offered three … Learn More About This Program 

Video: 2010 Great Negotiator President Martti Ahtisaari discusses the Helsinki Agreement and Aceh

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On September 27, 2010, the Program on Negotiation presented the Great Negotiator Award to former President of Finland Martii Ahtisaari.

This video shows part of the event, including a discussion with President Ahtisaari on Aceh and the Helsinki Agreement. Joining President Ahtisaari are Harvard Kennedy School Professor Iris Bohnet and Senior Lecturer Brian Mandell.  Professor … Learn More About This Program 

Video: 2010 Great Negotiator Martti Ahtisaari

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On September 27, 2010, the Program on Negotiation presented former President of Finland the Great Negotiator Award. This video shows a portion of the event, including part of a discussion with President Ahtisaari regarding the final status for Kosovo.

To learn more about the Great Negotiator Award, click here.
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Read Video: 2010 Great Negotiator Martti Ahtisaari 

PON Chair Robert Mnookin Interviewed on Belgian Public Broadcast

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PON Chair Robert Mnookin suggests 2010 Great Negotiator Martti Ahtisaari as a possible  international mediator who may be able to help solve the ongoing conflict in Belgium. Professor Mnookin notes that bringing in an outside mediator can help avoid “reactive devaluation,” or the devaluing of a possible solution simply because it was suggested by an … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiation Video of Professor Lawrence Susskind Teaching Executive Education

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This negotiation video is a segment taken from PON’s “Negotiation Pedagogy Series, Part 2.” MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind uses the case “Teflex Products” to teach an Executive Education Seminar on how to deal with an angry public.

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To watch PON videos on YouTube, click here. … Learn More About This Program 

Video of Professor Sebenius

PON Staff   •  01/14/2011   •  Filed in Business Negotiations, Daily, Negotiation Skills, Resources, Videos

PON Professor James Sebenius answers these critical questions during an interview before last month’s Executive Education classes:

Why is it so important for managers and business people to become skilled negotiators?

Why is preparation and set up so important in negotiations?

Why do you enjoy teaching students in Executive Education courses?

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To watch … Read Video of Professor Sebenius  

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