Trust, Emotions, Ethics and Morality in Negotiation (TEEM)

Over the past 25 years, experimental approaches to study decision making in negotiation have blossomed. The study of biases in negotiation has been one significant focus. In recent years, the most exciting new efforts are on the periphery of the study of decision making in negotiation, bringing in issues related to trust (the work of Iris Bohnet and Deepak Malhotra), emotions (the work of Jennifer Lerner), and morality and ethics (the work of Max Bazerman and Joshua Greene). This new research project, Trust, Emotions, Ethics and Morality in Negotiation (TEEM), is an integrated effort to create, organize and disseminate a new generation of research that integrates these cutting-edge themes, enhancing scientific and practical understanding of how decisions influence negotiated outcomes.

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PON Staff   •  07/31/2008   •  Filed in Research Projects, Trust, Emotions, Ethics and Morality in Negotiation (TEEM)

Max H. Bazerman is the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration at HBS, and is formally affiliated with the Kennedy School of Government, the Psychology Department, the Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences, the Harvard University Center on the Environment, and the Program on Negotiation. Max’s research focuses on decision making in negotiation, and improving … Read More 

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