PON Dispute Resolution Program

The PON Dispute Resolution Program promotes research and theory-building on the ever-increasing array of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, with major emphasis on how these procedures are used in conjunction with judicial and regulatory systems. The Multi-Door Courthouse (MDC), a concept originated by DRP founder and co-director Frank E.A. Sander, is a system for assessing disputes and recommending alternatives to litigation.

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About the Dispute Resolution Program

PON Staff   •  04/19/2009   •  Filed in PON Dispute Resolution Program

Frank E. A. Sander
Michael Wheeler
Assistant to Professor Sander
Marilyn Uzuner
Assistant to Professor Wheeler
Mary Alice Wood

Multi-Door Courthouse
The “multi-door courthouse” — a concept originated by Dispute Resolution Program founder Frank E. A. Sander — offers a variety of resolution options (including litigation) to people who take their disputes to court.

For example, in Middlesex County Superior Court in Cambridge, … Read More 

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