Pedagogy at PON

Pedagogy at PON is dedicated to improving the way people teach and learn about negotiation and dispute resolution. Incorporating and expanding on the historical mission of the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center, Pedagogy at PON serves as an intellectual focal point for negotiation education through research, curriculum development, training, and networking

The mission of Pedagogy at PON is to:

  • contribute to the growing field of negotiation and dispute resolution pedagogy through research and publications;
  • support experienced and next-generation negotiation and dispute resolution educators through workshops, idea exchanges, and other educator-focused events;
  • foster connections between communities of negotiation and dispute resolution educators and scholars;
  • develop and distribute teaching materials that are useful in skills-based negotiation and dispute resolution instruction; and
  • explore and test the application of new technologies to improve teaching and learning about negotiation and dispute resolution.
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Insights from a Communication and Negotiation Conference: The Benefits of Not Knowing

PON Staff   •  01/05/2010   •  Filed in Daily, Negotiation Skills, Pedagogy at PON

An Experiment: Exploring Interdisciplinary Linkages between Negotiation and Communication Studies

What would negotiation pedagogy look like if we focused more on the core meanings and practices of communication? How can understanding the underpinnings of communication – the components of conversation and the exchange of meaning – help us understand and improve our negotiations? The weekend of … Read More 

Summary of Mediation Pedagogy Conference Participant Survey Results

PON Staff   •  01/05/2010   •  Filed in Daily, Mediation, Pedagogy at PON

To better understand the teaching needs of the mediation community, Negotiation Pedagogy at the Program on Negotiation (NP@PON) organized a Mediation Pedagogy Conference in May of 2009. In advance of the conference, an 18-question online survey was sent to the 175 conference presenters and registered participants. The 75% response rate allowed us to illuminate important … Read More 

Teachers and Trainers Gather to Talk About Mediation Pedagogy

PON Staff   •  05/21/2009   •  Filed in Daily, Pedagogy at PON, Research Projects

By Larry Susskind

Nearly two hundred educators and trainers from eighteen countries gathered on May 15th and 16th to share ideas about teaching mediation.  It was unusual for mediation teachers and trainers from fields as diverse as law, family services, public management, business, international relations, urban planning, community development, psychotherapy, and education to share ideas on … Read More 

Mediation Pedagogy Conference

PON Staff   •  05/07/2009   •  Filed in Daily, Events, Pedagogy at PON, Webcasts

Registration is now closed for the NP@PON Mediation Pedagogy Conference.

Professors Lawrence Susskind (MIT) and Michael Wheeler (Harvard Business School) are pleased to announce a Mediation Pedagogy Conference to be held by Negotiation Pedagogy at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (NP@PON). This two-day Conference will be held Friday, May 15 and Saturday, May … Read More 

December 2007 Negotiation Pedagogy Workshop

PON Staff   •  12/08/2007   •  Filed in Pedagogy at PON, Research Projects

NP@PON held a one-day Negotiation Pedagogy Workshop on Saturday, December 8, 2007. The workshop took place on the Harvard Law School campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and featured sessions on new and lesser-known negotiation teaching tools as well as on broader curriculum design and educational principles. The workshop was open to the public and geared toward … Read More 

May 2007 Pedagogy Workshop

James Kerwin   •  05/08/2007   •  Filed in Pedagogy at PON, Research Projects

On May 8, 2007, NP@PON hosted its inaugural event, a pedagogy workshop entitled “From Mega-Simulations to Micro-Analysis: Teaching Complex Skill Sets in Negotiation,” in which 30 faculty and graduate student participants examined different approaches to teaching the complex sets of skills involved in negotiation. … Read More 

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