The Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP)

In 2001, Professor Roger Fisher co-founded the Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP), in partnership with Israeli and Palestinian negotiation advisers. Their goal was to create a network of negotiators, from both sides of the conflict, who could develop and share common negotiation methodologies, and promote a constructive negotiating culture. Today, IPNP represents a large and unique network of about 100 negotiating professionals, with an equal number of participants from the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

IPNP members include a number of current and former mid-to-high-ranking officials that have been involved in negotiations at the highest levels of government. IPNP members have had considerable impact on key negotiations ranging from broad political issues to specific issues such as water, security, taxes and trade. They continue to be one of the only channels of unwavering communication between Israeli and Palestinian officials, even during times of complete political deadlock.

IPNP has traditionally focused on the “process” of negotiations. Recently, however, James Sebenius and Shula Gilad organized a number of small working groups on specific topics, to systematically examine proposals, barriers and alternatives, as well as unrealized opportunities in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation.

The academic component of IPNP is overseen by HBS Professor James Sebenius. Sebenius and Shula Gilad, Senior Fellow at PON, work closely with IPNP’s steering committee, comprised of three Israelis and three Palestinians.

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Case Study Explores Efficacy of IPNP

PON Staff   •  10/06/2011   •  Filed in Middle East Negotiation Initiatives, The Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP)

The mission statement of the Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP) is “To increase the effectiveness of the Israeli Palestinian negotiations and dialogue process by creating a network of negotiators, developing and disseminating common negotiation tools and methodologies, and encouraging a language and constructive culture of negotiation.”

But how effective has this effort been?

James Sebenius and Shula … Read Case Study Explores Efficacy of IPNP

IPNP Workshops Bring Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Together

PON Staff   •  10/06/2011   •  Filed in Middle East Negotiation Initiatives, The Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP)

For the past decade, HNP has supported an annual week-long workshop in Cambridge and advanced regional workshops, aimed at improving negotiation tools and skills of Israeli and Palestinian negotiation professionals and political advisers. A number of PON faculty affiliates, including Bruce Patton, Dan Shapiro, Robert Mnookin, William Ury, James Sebenius and Brian Mandell, have consistently contributed … Learn More About This Program

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