High Stakes Negotiation Support Initiative

(a Harvard Negotiation Project initiative)
Directors: Jim Sebenius and Daniel L. Shapiro

The High Stakes Negotiation Support Initiative offers intellectual support to a wide range of ongoing, high-stakes negotiations, ranging from North Korea to Afghanistan, Venezuela to the Israeli-Palestinian context. Drawing on the Harvard Negotiation Project’s interdisciplinary faculty and its widely established negotiation theories, the Initiative (1) analyzes high-stakes conflicts in concert with international scholar-practitioners and local partners, (2) formulates prescriptive advice for key stakeholders, influencers, and third-party advisors, and (3) develops new theory, case studies, and training programs based on findings from this practice-based research. We work closely with actual stakeholders to understand and evaluate barriers to negotiation and to co-design innovative negotiation structures, strategies, and processes.

Korea Negotiation Initiative

PON Staff   •  03/08/2018   •  Filed in Harvard Negotiation Project, Korea Negotiation Initiative

The Korea Negotiation Initiative is a research project based at the Harvard Negotiation Project devoted to exploring the obstacles to a negotiated resolution of the Korean nuclear crisis. Particular focus is placed on identifying potential set up moves that would make negotiation possible, identifying areas for mutual gain, improving communication channels for reducing the risk … Read More