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Negotiation Journal

PON Staff   •  06/25/2008   •  Filed in Publications

Negotiation Journal is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. The journal publishes articles that expand theoretical and practical knowledge in the realms of negotiation, mediation, other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and conflict resolution in general.

Content published in Negotiation Journal includes:

reports on … Read Negotiation Journal

Negotiation Data Repository (NDR)

PON Staff   •  06/21/2008   •  Filed in Publications

Negotiation Data Repository

The Negotiation Data Repository (NDR) aims to serve as the world’s premier collection of qualitative and quantitative data on negotiation and conflict management, enabling advances in scholarship that would not otherwise be possible. Relevant data includes survey results, lab studies, negotiation transcripts, text of agreements, and other digital artifacts that will be of particular value … Read Negotiation Data Repository (NDR)

Harvard Negotiation Law Review

PON Staff   •  06/20/2008   •  Filed in Publications

Negotiation, not adjudication, resolves most legal conflicts. However, despite the fact that dispute resolution is central to the practice of law and has become a "hot" topic in legal circles, a gap in the literature persists. "Legal negotiation" — negotiation with lawyers in the middle and legal institutions in the background — has escaped … Read Harvard Negotiation Law Review

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