Strengthening the Global Environmental Treaty-Making System

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Lawrence Susskind, Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at MIT, author of Environmental Diplomacy (Oxford University Press) and co-author of Transboundary Environmental Negotiation (Jossey-Bass Publishers), and founder of the Consensus Building Institute. Professor Susskind is also the vice-chair of education for the Program on Negotiation’s Executive Committee.

The Climate Change Treaty and the Kyoto Protocol … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiation and Nonviolent Action: Interacting in a World of Conflict

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Amy C. Finnegan is a Ph.D. student in sociology at Boston College.

Susan G. Hackley is the managing director of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Negotiation and nonviolent action are arguably the two best methods humanity has developed for engaging constructively with conflict. Both have played central roles in helping manage or resolve seemingly … Learn More About This Program 

Bordone on “Digging in Your Heels”

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Professor Robert Bordone was interviewed for an article about the state of Florida’s decision to ban Allstate from selling new auto insurance until it complies with a subpoena to provide documents to the state relating to possible improper rate setting and collusion. Professor Bordone commented that “when two sides dig in their heels, it’s harder … Read Bordone on “Digging in Your Heels” 

Hands On: Designing a Liturgy for Dialogue

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The Winter 2008 issue of the Harvard Law Bulletin featured an article on the work of the new Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP). It describes one of HNMCP’s five projects: evaluating a method for promoting reconciliation within the Catholic community. As part of this project, Harvard Law School students Dave Baron (2L) and … Read Hands On: Designing a Liturgy for Dialogue 

Seven Secrets for Negotiating with Government

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A negotiation expert provides the blueprint for overcoming the special challenges of doing business with government.

Almost everyone has faced the frustrating task of negotiating with government—local, state, national, or foreign—at some point in their lives. Whether they are applying for a building permit from their local zoning board, trying to sell software to the U.S. … Read Seven Secrets for Negotiating with Government 

Slow Healing in the Catholic Church

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As the Catholic community continues the difficult process of healing and reconciliation in the wake of abuse scandals, church closings, and critical social issues, the decision by Pope Benedict XVI to avoid Boston on his US visit next spring is a missed opportunity. A face-to-face meeting with Catholics in Boston would have signaled a desire … Read Slow Healing in the Catholic Church 

Pakistan Torn Between Two Worlds

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Professor Adil Najam, director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center and professor of International Relations and Geography and the Environment at Boston University, was a guest on All Things Considered after the death of Benazir Bhutto. He discussed how Pakistan is a “democratic society trapped in an undemocratic state.”

Listen now at NPR. … Read Pakistan Torn Between Two Worlds 

Negotiation Pedagogy at PON (NP@PON)

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Registration is now closed.

Workshop Agenda
Presenter Biographies

Negotiation Pedagogy at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School (NP@PON) is pleased to announce a one-day Negotiation Pedagogy Workshop on Saturday, December 8, 2007. The workshop will be held on the Harvard Law School campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and will feature sessions on new and lesser-known negotiation teaching … Read Negotiation Pedagogy at PON (NP@PON) 

Buddhism and the Art of Negotiation

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Would the Buddha be an effective arbiter in a complicated and contentious land trust dispute or a messy divorce? For many experts, the answer is a resounding yes.

While it’s impossible to actually have the ancient spiritual leader himself present in the room on such occasions, several Buddhist scholars, practitioners, and professional mediators at a panel … Read Buddhism and the Art of Negotiation 

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