Negotiating For That Big Gift

PON Staff   •  04/10/2008   •  Filed in News

Negotiating gifts for your organization is not a game. Your prospective donor could have a very different amount in mind when thinking about a generous gift. But you should prepare yourself before the meeting to negotiate the best gift possible so that your organization and donor both win.

Your negotiations can make a huge difference for … Read Negotiating For That Big Gift 

Fundraisers Should Study Negotiation

PON Staff   •  04/01/2008   •  Filed in News

Keys to successfully negotiating with donors to win large gifts can be found in research from other fields, according to Shaun G. Lynch, a fund-raising consultant from St. Lazare, Canada, who spoke Tuesday at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ annual conference in San Diego.

As an example, Mr. Lynch pointed to research published by Harvard Law … Read Fundraisers Should Study Negotiation 

The Greatest Weapons in Iraq

PON Staff   •  03/19/2008   •  Filed in News

A growing number of U.S. military commanders have come to recognize that stabilizing the insurgent and sectarian violence in Iraq necessitates dealing with population stability and civil support. As the army’s new operations manual itself states, “Winning battles and engagements is important, but alone is not sufficient. Shaping the civil situation is just as important … Read The Greatest Weapons in Iraq 

World Economic Forum Announces Daniel L. Shapiro as a 2008 Young Global Leader

PON Staff   •  03/11/2008   •  Filed in News

The World Economic Forum announced this week that Daniel L. Shapiro has been selected as a Young Global Leader. Fellow Young Global Leaders include President Kabila of the Congo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google) and the King of Bhutan. Drawn from a pool of almost 5,000 candidates, the 2008 Young … Learn More About This Program 

A ‘Declaration of Principles’ for the Mideast

PON Staff   •  03/09/2008   •  Filed in News

Haim Ramon, a Vice Prime Minister of Israel, recently stated that Israel hoped to reach agreement with its Palestinian negotiating partners by the end of 2008 on a “declaration of principles” for peace, but not on a detailed peace treaty. At this time of escalating violence and diminishing hope, the call for such a declaration … Read A ‘Declaration of Principles’ for the Mideast 

Negotiating With Your Children

PON Staff   •  03/04/2008   •  Filed in News, Webcasts

Harvard International Negotiation Initiative Director Dan Shapiro appeared in a WBZ-TV4 news segment about negotiating with your child. The piece also highlighted the February 2008 Negotiation newsletter article, “Negotiate better relationships with your children.”

Watch it online at WBZ-TV4.

Click here to read the Negotiation newsletter article.

To learn more about Negotiation, the monthly newsletter published by the … Read Negotiating With Your Children 

Why Don’t Green Treaties Work?

PON Staff   •  02/18/2008   •  Filed in News, Podcasts

In a Guardian Science Extra podcast interview, Professor Lawrence Susskind talks about how the process of treaty-making and treaty enforcement could be modified to make environmental agreements more effective. He was interviewed after he spoke at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) annual meeting in Boston on February 16.

Lawrence Susskind is the … Read Why Don’t Green Treaties Work? 

Synthesizing Science and Politics

PON Staff   •  02/17/2008   •  Filed in News

How can we reconcile science and policy? Professor Lawrence Susskind presented an option at the 2008 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting. He argued that stakeholders (including environmentalists and businesses), need to be brought into the very design of a scientific study.

Read more here at the WIRED Blog Network.

Read Professor Susskind’s … Read Synthesizing Science and Politics 

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