Negotiation Journal: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead in the Conflict Resolution Field

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What don’t we know about conflict and its resolution?
What do we need to know?
How would we find out?

Some of the world’s best-known conflict resolution scholars and practitioners offer some answers to these pivotal questions in the new special issue of Negotiation Journal, the quarterly journal published by the Program on Negotiation in collaboration with Kluwer … Read More 

Negotiating the Complex: Policymaking Across Sectors

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Negotiating the Complex
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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Susan L. Podziba

Industry, government, and civil society are becoming increasingly aware that the search for solutions to complex public policy challenges requires their cooperation in a process that draws out the collective wisdom of a diverse group to reach a common public goal. During the final PON … Read More 

Transforming Labor-Management Relations

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The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School brought together scholars, union members, management representatives, and an array of dispute resolution practitioners to analyze the United States’ largest and most ambitious labor-management partnership on Thursday, March 6, 2003. PON, in conjunction with the Institute for Work and Employment Relations (IWER) at MIT, hosted the labor-relations … Read More 

Watkins Wins Best Book Award for Breakthrough Business Negotiation

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Michael Watkins has won a Best Book Prize from the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution for Breakthrough Business Negotiation: A Toolbox for Managers (Jossey-Bass, 2002).

Breakthrough Business Negotiation presents principles that apply to any negotiation situation and tools to achieve breakthrough results. Step by step, Watkins demonstrates how to diagnose a situation, build coalitions, manage internal … Read More 

Ury Addresses Conference on The Third Side in Venezuela

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Fortalecer El Tercer Lado Para Alcanzar La Paz [Strengthening the Third Side in Order to Achieve Peace]
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In February 2003, the Carter Center, USAID’s Development Alternatives, Inc., the Organization for American States (OAS), and the Central University of Venezuela sponsored a conference on the topic of “Strengthening the Third Side in Order to … Read More 

Negotiating the Future of Ground Zero

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To some, the 16 acres of Ground Zero represent an opportunity.

They envision a reestablishment of the old street grid and a mix of retail and residential space that will help create a 24-hour downtown community. Others want to rebuild the towers-all 110 stories of them-as a giant symbol signifying that the terrorists have not won. … Read More 

Do The Right Thing

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Presented By The Program on Negotiation And The HLS Black Law Students Association

The Program on Negotiation continued its 2002-2003 Film Series on Thursday, November 7, with a showing of Spike Lee’s highly acclaimed, Oscar-nominated Do the Right Thing, co-sponsored by the Harvard Law School Black Law Students Association. Lee’s 1989 film powerfully combines humor and … Read More 

Mnookin Keynote at Conflict Studies Conference — “The New Generation of Ideas”

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PON Steering Committee Chair Robert Mnookin delivered this year’s keynote address at the University of Massachusetts-Boston’s Conflict Studies Conference, “The New Generation of Ideas.” The conference organizers selected Mnookin because of his proven record as a “leading scholar in the field of conflict resolution” and his ability to apply an “interdisciplinary approach to negotiation and … Read More 

Final Offer with Guhan Subramanian

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The award-winning documentary Final Offer is the latest work to be featured in the Program on Negotiation’s dispute resolution film series. Final Offer, a film about heated labor negotiations between Canadian Auto Workers and General Motors, provides a unique inside look at the high-pressure world of labor negotiations, where coalitional dynamics are intense and consequential, … Read More