Negotiation Conference Examines West Bank and Gaza Settlements

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Opening Remarks:

Dean Elena Kagan
Harvard Law School
Dean Richard Morgan
UNLV Boyd School of Law

Introduction to the Settlement Dilemma
Robert Mnookin

Panel 1
Religious and Ideological Dimensions

Panel 2
Political Dimensions

Panel 3
Psychological Dimensions

Panel 4
Legal Dimensions and Human Rights Issues

Panel 5
Compensation Schemes and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Panel 6
International Dimensions, The Role of Third Parties

Concluding Comments
Robert Mnookin

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Just days before the Israeli government submitted … Read More 

Mediation Brings Arab-Israeli Agreement on Park in Galilee

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In what may be the first use of mediation to resolve a public dispute over land in Israel, Israeli mediators trained by the Cambridge, MA nonprofit Consensus Building Institute have helped Arabs residents and Israeli officials come to agreement on a plan for a 900-acre park to be built around the Nahal Tsalmon creek in … Read More 

Kolb Named Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership

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Deborah Kolb, co-director of the Program on Negotiations in the Workplace, has been named the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at the Simmons School of Management where she is Professor of Management and Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations. Professor Kolb will be the first holder of this chair, … Read More 

Disconnecting ‘Quid’ from ‘Quo’

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The following commentary by PON chair Robert Mnookin and managing director Susan Hackley appeared in the September 26, 2004 issue of the Los Angeles Times.

It is often valuable to open lines of communication with hostage-takers.

During the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany, 11 Israeli athletes were taken hostage by Black September Palestinians demanding the release … Read More 

Students: Interested in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution?

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PON Fall Kick-Off Webcast
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Watch the webcast of the Program on Negotiation’s kick-off event to learn about PON’s activities and how you can get involved.

Special Presentation

HLS Professor Robert Mnookin, PON chair and director of the Harvard Negotiation Research Project, and HLS Visiting Professor Lawrence Susskind, director of the Harvard-MIT Public Disputes Project, describe … Read More 

Her Place at the Table

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Her Place at the Table is a practical guide for any woman dealing with a demanding role. Drawing on extensive interviews with women leaders, the authors isolate five key challenges that these women face:

Intelligence: informed decisions require good information, but getting it can be a tricky proposition for women
Backing: no one wants to take on … Read More 

PON Associate Catherine Honeyman Awarded Grant

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Catherine Honeyman, a 2004 graduate of Harvard University and a member of the PON staff from 2002-2004, has been awarded a $10,000 research grant by Towards Reconciliation, Columbia University’s international conflict resolution society.

Honeyman and three other finalists presented proposals for promoting reconciliation in regions afflicted by conflict. The objective of Honeyman’s winning proposal is to … Read More 

Building A Career in Conflict Resolution

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Workshop I – Mapping Your Own Conflict Resolution Career Path

Workshop II – Getting Your Foot in the Backdoor: Strategies for Building a Career in Conflict Resolution

Workshop III – Strategies for Success as a Conflict Resolution Professional
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Workshop I

Mapping Your Own Conflict
Resolution Career Path
March 8, 2004

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What is the range of backgrounds that … Read More