Negotiation, Decision Making and Conflict Management

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In this three-volume collection, Professor Max Bazerman synthesizes over five decades of research in the areas of negotiation, decision making, and conflict management. This authoritative and comprehensive collection focuses on research that views negotiation as a multi-party decision making process. Negotiation and conflict resolution are conceptualized as decision making activities, where the individual perceptions of … Learn More About This Program 

Workshop on Dispute Resolution and Deliberative Democracy

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On June 24th and 25th of 2005, the Program on Negotiation (with support from the Hewlett Foundation) sponsored the two-day Workshop on Dispute Resolution and Deliberative Democracy, which brought together public dispute resolution professionals and political philosophers who study civic engagement.

The goal of the event, which attracted some of the most experienced public dispute mediators … Learn More About This Program 

PON Offers Senior Executive Workshop in Hong Kong

PON Staff   •  05/20/2005   •  Filed in News

PON is pleased to offer a special session of its Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives in Hong Kong on May 20-21, 2005. This is the first time PON has offered its acclaimed executive education workshop in China.

Usually offered only in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Program on Negotiation for Senior Executives has increased the skills of … Read PON Offers Senior Executive Workshop in Hong Kong 

Ury and Weiss Interviewed by the Beyond Intractability Project

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Beyond Intractability is a full text knowledge base with information about constructive approaches for dealing with especially difficult conflicts which seem to resist resolution. Written by over 100 leading scholars and practitioners from around the world, the site contains 200+ essays, 100 audio interviews, and 2000+ references to outside resources. All the resources are full-text … Learn More About This Program 

Using Dispute Resolution Techniques to Address Environmental Justice Concerns

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A leak at a petrochemical plant releases a plume of sulfuric acid across 15 square miles, sending 24,000 people to the hospital. A refinery releases more than 100 tons of a toxic substance over four communities for 16 days, causing neurological disorders, skin reactions, and eye problems. A neighborhood built over abandoned crude oil storage … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiating Peace in Sudan

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Negotiating Peace in Sudan
RealPlayer Recommended (download here)

Beyond addressing the current humanitarian crisis in Darfur, how can long-term peace and security be forged in Sudan? On October 29, 2004, a distinguished panel of academics and practitioners joined us at Harvard Law School to explore Sudan’s interrelated conflicts and mediation efforts. Panelists surveyed Sudan’s turbulent history, internal … Read Negotiating Peace in Sudan 

Predictable Surprises: The Disasters You Should Have Seen Coming and How To Prevent Them

PON Staff   •  11/29/2004   •  Filed in News, Reviews of Books

9/11 was preceded by a stream of warning signs in the years and months leading up to the disaster. Yet when the attacks occurred, leaders at every level were taken by surprise. A lack of auditor independence and creative accounting procedures have long been tagged as “ticking time bombs” in the financial markets. However, when … Learn More About This Program 

Richard Holbrooke Receives the Great Negotiator Award

PON Staff   •  11/12/2004   •  Filed in News, Webcasts

Discussion I:
Negotiating an End to the Balkans Crisis
Richard Holbrooke
Antonia Handler Chayes
James Sebenius
Michael Watkins

Faculty Discussion II:
Resolving the United Nations Dues Dispute
Richard Holbrooke
Hannah Riley Bowles
Robert Orr
James Sebenius

Great Negotiator Award Presentation
Richard Holbrooke
Lawrence Summers
Robert Mnookin
James Sebenius

RealPlayer Recommended (download here)

Download Background Materials for our Discussion with Richard Holbrooke:

“Richard Holbrooke: Negotiating U.S. Dues to the United Nations (A)”

“Richard Holbrooke: Negotiating U.S. … Learn More About This Program 

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