Susskind and Shapiro Present at the CPR 2007 Annual Conference

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Lawrence Susskind and Daniel Shapiro were presenters at the CPR (International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution) 2007 Annual Meeting.

Professor Susskind guided the group of 180 attendees, split into teams of six, through a multiparty negotiation based on the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site. The reaction? Reported one participant: “I have been coming … Read More 

Bye Bye Belgium?

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On Wednesday night last week, Belgium’s French-speaking public television network created a stir with a surprise 90-minute broadcast that began with a news flash that Flanders had declared independence and that the Belgian state was breaking apart. The broadcast was inspired by Orson Welles’s 1938 radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’s “War of the Worlds,” but … Read More 

“Globe and Mail” Names Leading Leaders One of the Top Business Books of 2006

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Globe and Mail selected Leading Leaders by Jeswald Salacuse as one of the ten best business books of 2006, ranking it 5th on its list. Leading Leaders shows readers how to develop one-on-one relationships with executives, highly educated professionals, investors, board members, experts in critical function, and others, and how to leverage their expertise for … Read More 

Gandhi’s Nonviolent Principles Show Way Toward Peaceful World

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The nonviolent principles of Mohandas Gandhi may be the only way to bring peace to the world, Gandhi’s granddaughter said Monday (Dec. 4).

Human rights activist and former South African member of parliament Ela Gandhi told about 160 people gathered in Harvard Law School’s Pound Hall that violent victory sows the seeds of its own destruction. … Read More 

‘Go Forth From Your Country’

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On Tuesday, November 14, delegates from 10 countries, including PON Managing Director Susan Hackley and led by William L. Ury, director of the Global Negotiation Project (GNP), concluded a two-week tour of some of the Middle East’s most ancient and holy sites. The tour participants were looking to advance plans for a path—The Abraham Path … Read More 

International Negotiation Journal

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How Creating “Communities of Learning” and “Common Cultures” Fosters Collaboration: The e-Parliament, the Israeli Settlements Project, and the Mexican Negotiation Skills Training Workshop

by Susan Hackley, PON Managing Director, Nancy J. Waters, Negotiation Journal Managing Editor, and Sarah Woodside, PON SIG Coordinator

In International Negotiation 11: 37–64, 2006

This article examines three innovative efforts by the Program on … Read More 

Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro Receive Prestigious Cloke-Millen Award

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On November 4, 2006, Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro were awarded the prestigious Cloke-Millen Award by the Southern California Mediation Association. Formerly the “Peacemaker of the Year” prize, the award is given each year to an outstanding professional working in mediation, negotiation or dispute resolution.

Dr. Shapiro also delivered the keynote address, which was described as … Read More 

Real Superpowers Negotiate

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The Administration’s North Korea policy of “ABC” – Anything But Clinton – needs revision. It’s high-time that the Administration understand that listening and talking – at bilateral, multilateral, and second-track levels – are tools that may yield better results than playing a silly game of chicken.

The Administration’s North Korea policy of “ABC” – Anything But … Read More 

China’s Camp David Moment

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Anne Wu is a research fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Jason Qian is a fellow at the Harvard Negotiation Project.

THE RULE of the game in pursuing a non-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula has been fundamentally changed by Pyongyang’s claimed nuclear test. The adopted … Read More 

Peace Psychology Work Brings Award For Shapiro

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The American Psychological Association recently named HLS lecturer Daniel Shapiro the recipient of their Early Career Award, recognizing young scholars who have made significant contributions to research and practice in peace psychology.

Click here for the full story. … Read More