“Facing the Truth”: BBC and Desmond Tutu Join in a Reconciliation Effort in Northern Ireland

PON Staff   •  03/20/2007   •  Filed in News

On March 4-6, 2006, the BBC aired Facing the Truth in the UK, a three part television series that brought victims and perpetrators of the conflict in Northern Ireland together for dialogue. Archbishop Desmond Tutu facilitated the encounters along with Lesley Bilinda whose husband was killed in the Rwandan genocide, and Donna Hicks, former Deputy … Learn More About This Program 

PON on the Negotiating Tip of the Week

PON Staff   •  02/21/2007   •  Filed in News, Webcasts

Program on Negotiation (PON) Managing Director Susan Hackley was interviewed by Josh Weiss, Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project, on his Negotiating Tip of the Week podcast. Susan talked about PON and what it has to offer, including Negotiation newsletter. Click here to learn more about Negotiation and for subscription information. To hear the … Read PON on the Negotiating Tip of the Week 

Board Silly

PON Staff   •  02/14/2007   •  Filed in News

Guhan Subramanian is the Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business at Harvard Law School and the Acting Co-Chair of the Program on Negotiation.

Slowly but surely, corporate America is giving up the staggered board.
Some businesses are responding to corporate governance rating agencies, which penalize companies that do not elect all of the directors each year. … Read Board Silly 

From Dr. Strangelove to Mahatma Gandhi: Understanding Negotiation Through Film

PON Staff   •  02/11/2007   •  Filed in News

Program on Negotiation (PON) Managing Director Susan Hackley wrote an article for Dispute Resolution Magazine on using film to understand negotiation. She writes that “negotiation is part of the ‘dealmaking’ of everyday life, and films are rich with illustrations” and discusses various uses of film in teaching negotiation and conflict resolution.

Download the complete article here … Learn More About This Program 

Getting to Yes on Iran

PON Staff   •  02/06/2007   •  Filed in News

Mark Brzezinski, a Washington lawyer who served on the National Security Council staff, and Ray Takeyh, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, discuss how some rules from Getting to Yes can apply to US challenges in Iran.

Read the op-ed in The Boston Globe. … Read Getting to Yes on Iran 

Trust and Risk

PON Staff   •  01/30/2007   •  Filed in News, Webcasts

The inclination to trust or distrust is central to any kind of social interaction. Behavioral economist Iris Bohnet studies trust and betrayal aversion and how people’s ability to trust-or not-affects the workings of governments, economies, and individual interactions. Bohnet is a professor of public policy and is the faculty chair of the Women and Public … Read Trust and Risk 

Dan Shapiro Answers the “Davos Question” on YouTube

PON Staff   •  01/25/2007   •  Filed in News, Webcasts

The Davos Question: What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?

Daniel Shapiro, Director of the Harvard International Negotiation Initiative and faculty member at Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School (psychiatry), talks about the critical role of emotions and identity in … Learn More About This Program 

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