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Ask A Negotiation Expert: Space for Interpretation

PON Staff   •  03/31/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Negotiators tend to view language interpreters as neutral, but reality is more complicated, according to Sanda Kaufman, a professor of Planning, Public Policy, and Administration at Cleveland State University who studies negotiation and intervention in urban, environmental, and organizational contexts. Fluent in four languages, Kaufman is also an experienced interpreter who recently published a chapter … Read More 

Negotiation Update: On Broadway, actors get a bigger slice of the pie

PON Staff   •  03/31/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Performers have increasingly played an outsized role in shaping plays and musicals vying for a Broadway stage, as we described in last month’s cover story. In 2016, the original off-Broadway cast of Hamilton negotiated with the show’s producers to acknowledge their contributions to the hit musical by guaranteeing them a small share of the show’s profits.

With other … Read More 

Negotiation research you can use: In email negotiations, when they’re happy, do you know it?

PON Staff   •  03/31/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Negotiators’ expressions of emotion offer critical feedback about their preferences, offers, fears, and other information, yet emotions can be notoriously difficult to interpret accurately. One study by Hillary Anger Elfenbein (Washington University, St. Louis) found that negotiators detected emotions accurately only 58% of the time. That accuracy rate may be even lower in negotiations conducted … Read More 

Success & Messes: Nancy Pelosi’s next-to-last stand

PON Staff   •  03/31/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

On February 14, the White House announced that President Donald Trump would sign a federal budget deal that included only a fraction of the funds he had demanded for a border wall with Mexico and attempt to secure the remaining wall funding by declaring a national emergency.

For many congressional Democrats, Trump’s capitulation on the budget— following … Read More 

Dressing for success: How wealth and status cues affect negotiation

PON Staff   •  03/31/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

In business negotiations, we know we’re supposed to focus on substance: which issues matter to both sides, what each party can afford, what each side’s outside alternatives are, how to build a strong relationship, and so forth. Yet we’re often swayed by more superficial, often irrelevant aspects of negotiation, such as the shape of the table, whether … Read More 

Negotiation research you can use: When all we can see is red

PON Staff   •  02/28/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

The ability to take another person’s perspective is a valuable negotiation skill. Perspective taking enhances the discovery of joint gains in negotiation, makes groups more effective, reduces stereotypical thinking, and aids in conflict resolution, to name just a few benefits.

Some people are naturally better perspective takers than others, but all of us have the capacity to pay closer attention … Read More 

What To Do When Negotiations Hit a Wall

PON Staff   •  02/28/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

A budget impasse growing more adversarial by the day. A government shutdown that kept hundreds of thousands unpaid, suspended vital services, and damaged the economy. Presidential threats to bypass Congress and declare a national emergency.

How did we get there? The budget impasse in Washington, D.C., apparently started in 2014 when those advising Donald Trump on … Read More 

On Broadway, a revolutionary negotiation fans a spark into a flame

PON Staff   •  02/28/2019   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

In the summer of 2015, the cast of Hamilton was on top of the world. Their highly anticipated hip-hop musical about the life of Founding Father and U.S. treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton had opened to rave reviews and euphoric audiences at Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre after a stint off-Broadway. A long run, Tony awards, touring … Read More 

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