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Ask A Negotiation Expert: Zooming Into the Future of Negotiation

PON Staff   •  09/30/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Zoom conference call

Negotiation Briefings: How do video negotiations differ from in-person negotiations, both in terms of what the experience feels like and what we achieve?

Noam Ebner: When it comes to negotiating at a distance, we’re in the middle of a global natural experiment. There are hardly any research findings on negotiating via video yet. So, it should … Read More 

Negotiation Update: Not playing at a theater near you?

PON Staff   •  09/30/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, people increasingly were staying home to watch movies on streaming services such as Netflix rather than heading out to the local multiplex. Film studios and other content providers were eager to capitalize on the trend by shortening the traditional “three-month theatrical window”— the exclusive period of time that theater companies … Read More 

Negotiation In The News: The Art of the Compromise

PON Staff   •  09/30/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Hamilton Cast

Planning is key in negotiation. That doesn’t mean memorizing a predetermined script, but being ready to roll with the punches. The negotiators who worked to transform the hit Broadway musical Hamilton into a feature film learned that lesson at a couple of different points in the process. Their resourcefulness—and ability to stand by their principles—should inspire … Read More 

Negotiation research you can use: To build rapport, be a (subtle) copycat

PON Staff   •  09/30/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

When people spend time together, they often begin to unconsciously mimic each other’s nonverbal behaviors, such as their body language and facial expressions, and verbal behaviors, including words, expressions, and phrases. While being deliberately mimicked for laughs is annoying (ask any parent of young kids), people actually tend to like those who subtly mimic them better … Read More 

Dealing with challenging negotiators

PON Staff   •  09/30/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Dealing with Difficult Personalities

We often enter negotiations with a new counterpart with excitement. Unfortunately, our high expectations are sometimes dashed when our new negotiating partner exhibits behavior that’s puzzling, upsetting, or downright bizarre. A trio of new articles by negotiation scholars offers advice that can help us respond effectively to bargaining partners who threaten to throw us off … Read More 

Ask A Negotiation Expert: Job Negotiations In the COVID-19 Era

PON Staff   •  09/01/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

People across divide

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis have shaken up nearly everyone’s working life. We asked Hannah Riley Bowles, the Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School, for advice on how to adapt to this uncertain time.
Negotiation Briefings: What advice would you give to people who are currently … Read More 

What’s so great about small talk?

PON Staff   •  09/01/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Virtual Chat

This spring and summer, professional sports leagues scrambled to negotiate deals with players’ unions to start or resume their seasons with health, financial, and logistical accommodations for the Covid-19 pandemic. Most reached mutually agreeable deals, with some bumps in the road.

Then there was Major League Baseball (MLB).

As they tried to work out when the 2020 … Read More 

Negotiating to turn your dreams into reality

PON Staff   •  09/01/2020   •  Filed in Negotiation Briefings Articles

Robin Rue Simmons

They say it pays to dream big, but when our dreams depend on other people’s funding and approval, they can easily dissolve. Drawing on savvy negotiation skills, determination, and good timing, Robin Rue Simmons, an alderman in Evanston, Ill., found a way to overcome such obstacles and make history, as Bryan Smith reported in the June/July … Read More 

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