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Training Women to Be Leaders: Negotiating Skills for Success

PON Staff   •  04/18/2015   •  Filed in Free Report

Training Women to be Leaders

In this Special Report, we offer advice to help women develop the negotiation skills essential to career advancement, and to help organizations encourage women employees to be more effective at the bargaining table. You will learn what hold women back from asking for more, the link between gender and flexible work arrangements, how women can … Read More 

Teaching Negotiation: Understanding The Impact Of Role-Play Simulations

PON Staff   •  04/18/2015   •  Filed in Free Report

Teaching Negotiation Cover

Negotiation can be challenging. And so can teaching it! At the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School, we help educators, scholars and practitioners like you learn how to more effectively teach negotiation.

Notably, role-play simulations are a particularly useful way to facilitate experimentation and introduce participants to new dispute resolution tools, techniques and … Read More 

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