Salary Negotiations

One of the most common negotiation scenarios many bargainers will face during one’s career is that of negotiating for a higher salary or better compensation. These articles focus on the effective negotiation tactics employed by negotiators who advocate on behalf of themselves or others to secure higher salaries or more competitive employment benefits.

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Job Negotiation Advice to Help You Succeed

PON Staff   •  06/02/2022   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Job negotiation advice

One of the more interesting segues to job negotiation advice emerged from the December 2014 leaks of hacked Sony Pictures data and an e-mail revealing a young actress’s efforts to be paid on the same level as her male peers.

In a December 2013 e-mail to Sony Pictures cochair Amy Pascal, Columbia Pictures executive Andrew Gumpert … Read Job Negotiation Advice to Help You Succeed 

Ask A Negotiation Expert: There’s More to the Wage Gap Than Women Negotiating Salary

PON Staff   •  02/22/2022   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

women negotiating salary

In the United States, the gender wage gap for full-time workers amounts to women earning about 80 cents on the dollar as compared to men; similar or greater disparities can be found across the globe. Hannah Riley Bowles, the Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School, and a … Learn More About This Program 

Dispute Resolution Example: The Chicago Symphony’s Contract Dispute

PON Staff   •  02/21/2022   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Dispute Resolution Example: The Chicago Symphony’s Contract Dispute

A 2019 contract dispute between the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) and its musicians led to a disruptive seven-week strike, the longest in the venerable orchestra’s 128-year history. The unlikely intervention of Chicago’s mayor just before he left office managed to draw this thorny dispute resolution example to a mutually satisfactory finale while also highlighting the … Learn More About This Program 

Negotiating Salary: Confronting the Gender Pay Gap

PON Staff   •  12/13/2021   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Negotiating Salary

In December 2014, leaks of data hacked from Sony Pictures revealed that when negotiating salary for their roles in the film American Hustle, actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams came away with significantly less than their male costars in the ensemble cast. Lawrence and Adams were paid 7% of the film’s profits; Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, … Learn More About This Program 

Dear Negotiation Coach: Negotiating Equity Compensation with Senior Managers

PON Staff   •  11/30/2021   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

Relationship-Building in Negotiation

Negotiating equity compensation isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, especially in privately held businesses. We shared a question from one of our readers with Kevin Mohan, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, to gain insight on how to deal with this increasingly common negotiation scenario.

How to approach negotiating equity compensation in … Learn More About This Program 

Salary Expectations: Calibrating Pay During a Labor Shortage

Katie Shonk   •  09/13/2021   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

salary expectations

Employers may strive to set and negotiate salaries in a fair manner, but numerous factors can affect employees’ salary expectations and lead employees to believe they are being treated unfairly.

Consider Karen Womack, a warehouse manager at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park, the home of Major League Baseball’s Seattle Mariners. Womack was earning $16.70 per hour before the … Learn More About This Program 

Using Business Negotiation Skills To Move a Deal in your Favor

PON Staff   •  09/06/2021   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

business negotiation skills

Performers have increasingly learned business negotiation skills and played an outsized role in shaping plays and musicals vying for a Broadway stage. In 2016, the original off-Broadway cast of Hamilton negotiated with the show’s producers to acknowledge their contributions to the hit musical by guaranteeing them a small share of the show’s profits.

With other actors … Learn More About This Program 

Compensation Negotiation Tips: Lessons from Broadway

PON Staff   •  07/19/2021   •  Filed in Salary Negotiations

compensation negotiation tips

Compensation negotiation tips often revolve around encouraging job candidates to ask for a higher salary and teaching them how to frame their salary requests. But negotiators who take a broader approach to evaluating a job offer may be able to set themselves up for much greater long-term earnings. A negotiation initiated by the original cast … Learn More About This Program 

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