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Teaching with Video-Based Negotiation Scenarios

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Negotiation Scenarios

Access to multimedia content has rapidly increased throughout the world, with videos and short clips permeating our daily life. We are consuming, producing, and interacting with videos more now than ever before. In light of increasing video fluency and interest in using videos in education, the Program on Negotiation’s Teaching Negotiation Resource Center is creating … Read More 

Mandated Mediation: What to Expect

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mandated mediation

More and more companies are inserting alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clauses in their contracts with customers and vendors—and even, in some cases, in agreements with their own employees. ADR clauses can be beneficial for all concerned if it means avoiding the cost, delay, and uncertainty of going to court. Mandated mediation, in particular, may offer … Read More 

Learning From Negotiation Role-Plays

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negotiation role-plays

It’s a familiar practice in negotiation training: Students are divided up and assigned to engage in role-play exercises known as simulations. Each person reads confidential information about her role, the two (or more) players get together and negotiate, and then the class reconvenes to debrief the experiences.

Simulation took root as a common method for teaching … Read More 

Ask A Negotiation Expert: Leading Negotiation Experts

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Do experts on negotiation practice what they preach? To find out, we spoke with Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School professor Guhan Subramanian. The former academic editor of Negotiation Briefings, Subramanian was named the chair of the Program on Negotiation (PON) atHarvard Law School in 2018. He leads PON’s executive committee, a group of … Read More 

For a Better Deal, Look Beyond Your BATNA

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What is your greatest source of power in negotiation? You may have learned— perhaps in this newsletter or in Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton’s landmark negotiation book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (Penguin, 1991)—that it is often a strong BATNA, or best alternative to a negotiated agreement. Experienced negotiators scan the environment before … Read More 

Successes & Messes: When productive collaboration among competitors dries up

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Industry rivals need to strike a balance between maximizing profits through competition and cooperating on ways to strengthen their market. Become overly competitive, and they risk fostering conflict and constricting innovation. Collaborate in the wrong ways, and they could end up cutting ethical corners or even breaking the law.

When an industry is struggling, this balance … Read More 

How serious is your agent’s conflict of interest?

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The television industry has undergone seismic changes in recent decades, first with cable TV joining broadcast TV, followed by the rise of digital streaming companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. In today’s “peak TV” era, companies are producing hundreds of shows to fill viewers’ binge-watching appetites.

In some ways, it’s a golden age for … Read More 

Managing Cultural Differences in Negotiation

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managing cultural differences

It’s important to educate yourself about your counterpart’s culture so that you don’t risk offending her or seeming unprepared. At the same time, it would be a mistake to focus too narrowly when preparing for cross-cultural communication in business. Research on international negotiation can help us think more broadly when it comes to managing cultural … Read More 

Mediation Process and Business Negotiations: How Does Mediation Work in a Lawsuit?

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mediation process

How does mediation work in a lawsuit? What benefits can mediation offer businesses that deal with multiple contractual agreements, some of which may end in disputes? These questions were answered by Harvard Law School Associate Professor and negotiation expert Dan Greiner in an “Ask the Negotiation Coach” segment from our Negotiation Briefings newsletter. … Read More