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Notable Negotiation Books for 2020

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negotiation books

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to strengthen your skills needed for negotiation, the following recent negotiation books—and one journal special issue—will help you do just that with their host of perspectives and strategies. These negotiation books will also entertain and educate you along the way with insights on topics such as political … Read More 

Skills Needed for Negotiation: BATNA Analysis

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skills needed for negotiation

Ask almost any real estate agent, and you’ll hear that homeowners often turn down decent offers in the hope of getting a better one that never materializes. Such miscalculations reflect the difficulty of assessing an uncertain BATNA, or best alternative to a negotiated agreement.

According to negotiation experts, the ability to accurately compare the deal on … Read More 

Ask A Negotiation Expert: Dispute Resolution After Mass Disasters

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In the aftermath of a large-scale catastrophe or disaster in the United States—such as 9/11, the opioid epidemic, and mass shootings—the courts can be ill-equipped to take on the complex task of negotiating compensation for large numbers of claimants. Instead, “special masters” are often assigned to create and administer victim-compensation programs, a job that typically requires … Read More 

Negotiation research you can use: Too guilty to compete?

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Our emotions—including anger, sadness, happiness, and disgust—influence our negotiation behavior in systematic ways, research shows. In a new study, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researcher Uriel Haran is the first to examine whether feeling guilty affects our competitive drive.

Guilt is often triggered by behavior we’re ashamed of, and it doesn’t feel very good. On the plus … Read More 

Successes & Messes: Masterful negotiations at the Louvre

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To launch a complex project or business venture, we often need to conduct a whole series of negotiations with numerous counterparts. Juggling multiple deals requires a unique set of negotiation strategies. There’s much to learn from the linked negotiations that curators at France’s Louvre Museum conducted to secure loans of Leonardo da Vinci paintings and drawings … Read More 

Macron tries to strong-arm a peace deal

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If you’ve ever tried to play peacemaker between sworn enemies and failed, you might sympathize with the difficulties French president Emmanuel Macron had trying to engineer a face-to-face meeting between U.S. president Donald Trump and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York City this past September.

After Trump pulled … Read More 

Build rapport—without saying a word

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When film and television producer Brian Grazer was invited to the White House in 2005 for a screening of one of his movies, he started chatting with George W. Bush and was struck by how “warm and inviting” the president’s eyes were. Bush’s eye contact seemed to convey that he was “ fully present, patiently … Read More 

Integrative Bargaining in Congress? It Happens Sometimes

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integrative bargaining

With Congress polarized by an impeachment hearing and its major legislative initiatives stalled in late 2019, it may be worthwhile to revisit a recent instance of integrative bargaining between Democrats and Republicans. In integrative bargaining, parties create value by discussing multiple issues and logrolling—that is, making tradeoffs across those issues. In 2018, the rival parties … Read More 

Positional Bargaining Pitfalls

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positional bargaining

When they think of negotiation, many people imagine a positional bargaining scenario where two people are haggling back-and-forth over the price of an item, both refusing to budge. In positional bargaining, “each side takes a position, argues for it, and makes concessions to reach a compromise,” write Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton in … Read More 

Harvard Law Professor Guhan Subramanian Moderates Panel on Difficult Negotiation Scenarios

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In Harvard Law Today, Brett Milano published an article titled, Catastrophic harms, complicated questions reviewed a recent panel, “Innovative Models for Resolving Disputes after Mass Disasters and Catastrophic Harms,” held at Harvard Law School on Oct. 22. As mentioned in the article, it “brought together three experts who have helped resolve disputes after recent historic … Read More