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Writing the Negotiated Agreement

By Guhan Subramanian on / Dealmaking

Some negotiations end with a negotiated agreement that is a plan of action rather than a signed contract – for example, a plumber agrees to fix the tile damage caused by his work. Other negotiations wouldn’t be appropriate to commemorate in writing, such as how you and your spouse decide to discipline your young … Read More 

Techniques for Improving Your Negotiating Ability

By on / Negotiation Skills

Many organizations subject their executives to rigorous performance reviews, yet few companies include negotiation effectiveness as one of the core competencies they track. Instead, negotiation is usually subsumed under categories such as “emotional intelligence,” or “persuasiveness” and negotiation techniques and their improvement through negotiation training are not a regular part of employee training programs. … Read More 

What is Dispute System Design?

By on / Dispute Resolution

Dispute System Design (DSD) is the process of identifying, designing, employing, and evaluating an effective means of resolving conflicts within an organization. In order to be effective, dispute systems must be thoroughly thought out and carefully constructed. … Read More 

Three-Party Coalition All-In-One Curriculum Package Now Available!

By on / Teaching Negotiation

Introducing a new way to go in-depth on the fundamental negotiation concepts and measure learning outcomes. 
If you are new to teaching negotiation or are looking to go in-depth on the fundamental negotiation concepts, the Three-Party Coalition All-In-One Curriculum Package will provide you with everything you need to teach negotiation.

Three-Party Coalition, one of the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center’s most popular … Read More 

BATNA Strategy: Should You Reveal Your BATNA?

By on / BATNA

In their best-selling book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In, Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton (Penguin, 1991) introduced the concept of having a BATNA strategy (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) as “the standard against which any proposed agreement should be measured.” When you know what you’ll do if you don’t reach … Read More