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“In the Global Village, Can War Survive?”

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The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University announces the theme for this year’s Herbert C. Kelman Seminar on Negotiation, Conflict, and the News Media.  The 2009-2010 theme is “Reconciliation: Coming together after the shooting stops”

The first seminar will be Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

Title:  “In the Global Village, Can War Survive?”

Speakers:  Susan Hackley, Managing … Read More 

Professor Max Bazerman Publishes a Working Paper: “A Decision-Making Perspective to Negotiation: A Review of the Past and a Look into the Future”

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Professor Max Bazerman, member of the PON Executive Committee and professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School (HBS), and HBS Ph.D. candidate Chia-Jung Tsay published a working paper titled, “A Decision-Making Perspective to Negotiation: A Review of the Past and a Look into the Future” on August 20, 2009.

Through the decision-analytic approach to negotiations, … Read More 

Harvard Law School Spotlight on Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program

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Harvard Law School’s News Office recently interviewed Harvard Law School’s Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) students and faculty about three of the projects on which they worked during the Spring of 2009.
Click here to read the entire interview
Harvard Law School’s Negotiation & Mediation Clinical … Read More 

Balancing Competing Interests, Waxman Style

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What if you were Henry Waxman?

Waxman, in case you haven’t been following the healthcare debate closely, is a man in the middle. The Democratic representative from California is chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and a famed Congressional dealmaker. As a key player in health reform, one of the most complex multi-party negotiations … Read More 

Mnookin Calls for Mediation

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In an interview with the Boston Globe, Professor Robert H. Mnookin, Chair of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, responds to the national debate on the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr..

Mnookin calls for mediation to resolve the conflict between Prof. Gates and the arresting officer. Click here to read … Read More 

Become a Better Haggler

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Imagine you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends at an upscale restaurant. Soon after you take your seats, the wine director introduces himself and hands you a list of high-end bottles of wine. You notice that the prices—all in the $200–$600 range—have been slashed through with a red pen. … Read More 

Negotiation Journal July issue focuses on mediation, multi-party negotiation, trade negotiations and curiosity

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As the use of mediation continues to grow, researchers continue to examine what makes mediators effective and what the impact of mediation is on parties in dispute. Four articles in the July 2009 issue of Negotiation Journal provide an in-depth view of mediation effectiveness, with some interesting findings.

In the first article, Stephen Goldberg, Margaret Shaw, … Read More 

Obama healthcare moves follow Harvard playbook

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President Obama’s healthcare reform game plan is classic “3-D Negotiation,” a strategy developed at the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

We have no idea whether the President or his aides are students of the Harvard approach, as set out by Prof. James K. Sebenius, vice chair of the Program on Negotiation, and co-author David Lax, in their … Read More 

Discussing the bottom line in budget negotiations

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The PON Clearinghouse offers hundreds of role simulations, from two-party, single-issue negotiations to complex multi-party exercises. Multimode, Inc. is a two-party intra-organization negotiation between a company’s financial and human resources officers regarding the amount of a budget increase.

SCENARIO: T. Boyd, a Vice President of Budget and Finance at Multimode, Inc., (a manufacturing firm) … Read More