Executive Committee

Max Bazerman

Max Bazerman — Max Bazerman Program on Negotiation Executive Committee Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School Professor Bazerman's research focuses on decision making, negotiation, and creating joint gains in society. He is the author, co-author, or co-editor of sixteen books (including Negotiation Genius with Deepak Malhotra], Bantam Books, September 2007) and over 200 research articles and chapters. From 2002-2008...Read More

Gabriella Blum

Gabriella Blum — Gabriella Blum is an Assistant Professor at Harvard Law School, where she teaches international law and international conflict management. Following her studies of law and economics at Tel-Aviv University, Blum joined the Israel Defense Forces, and served as a senior legal advisor in the International Law Department, Military Advocate General’s Corps. During her military service, she was involved in the Israeli-Arab peace negotiations, Israeli ...Read More

Robert Bordone

Robert Bordone — Robert C. Bordone is the Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the Director of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program. He teaches several courses at Harvard Law School including the school’s flagship Negotiation Workshop and in Harvard Law School’s Harvard Negotiation Institute. As a professional facilitator and conflict resolution consultant, he works with individual and corporate clients across a...Read More

Jared R Curhan

Jared R Curhan — Jared R. Curhan is the Ford International Career Development Professor and Associate Professor of Organization Studies at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where he specializes in the psychology of negotiation and conflict resolution. He received his BA in Psychology from Harvard University and his MA and PhD in Psychology from Stanford University. A recipient of support from the National Science Foundation, Curhan has pioneered a social psycho...Read More

Alain Lempereur

Alain Lempereur — Alain Lempereur is the Alan B. Slifka Professor at Brandeis University, and the director of the Masters’ Programs in Coexistence and Conflict at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, where he was also a visiting professor. One of his books "The First Move: A Negotiator’s Companion" has been published in several languages. Recently, the...Read More

Robert H. Mnookin

Robert H. Mnookin — Robert H. Mnookin is the Chair of the Program on Negotiation and the Samuel Williston Professor of Law at Harvard Law School . A leading expert in the field of conflict resolution, Professor of Mnookin has applied his interdisciplinary approach to negotiation and conflict resolution to a remarkable range of problems, both public and private. An experienced mediator, Mnookin has successfully mediated many complex commercial disputes which involved...Read More

Jeswald Salacuse

Jeswald Salacuse — Jeswald Salacuse Program on Negotiation Executive Committee Henry J. Braker Professor of Commercial Law Fletcher School, Tufts University Professor Salacuse specializes in international negotiation, international business transactions, leadership, and law and development. Salacuse has served as the Chairman of the Institute of Transnational Arbitration (1992-94), Chairman of the Board of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (1987-19...Read More

James K. Sebenius

James K. Sebenius — James K. Sebenius Vice-Chair for Practice and Focused Research for the Negotiation Roundtable Program on Negotiation Executive Committee Gordon Donaldson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School Professor Sebenius specializes in analyzing and advising on complex negotiations. At PON, he is a co-chair of the Great Negotiator Award Committee. In 1982, he co-founded and still directs the Negotiation Roundtable, an ongoing forum ...Read More

Guhan Subramanian

Guhan Subramanian — Joseph Flom Professor of Law and Business Harvard Law School H. Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law Harvard Business School Guhan Subramanian is the Joseph H. Flom Professor of Law and Business at Harvard Law School and the H. Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law at Harvard Business School. He is the first person in the history of Harvard University to hold tenured appointments at both HLS and HBS. At HLS he teaches courses in negotia...Read More

Lawrence Susskind

Lawrence Susskind — Program on Negotiation Executive Committee, Vice-Chair, Education Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind, a co-founder of PON, is Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, Senior Consultant at the Consensus Building Institute, a not-for-profit that provides environmental mediation services, and formerly Director of the Environmental Poli...Read More