Executive Committee

Max Bazerman

Max Bazerman — Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School Executive Committee Member, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School Max Bazerman is a leader in the fields of decision making, negotiation, and behavioral ethics. He has consulted, taught, and lectured in 30 countries, and is the author, co-author, or co-editor of 20 books and more than 200 research articles and chapters, including Negotiation Genius (Bant … Read More About Max Bazerman

Gabriella Blum

Gabriella Blum — Rita E. Hauser Professor of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, Harvard Law School Executive Committee Member, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School Gabriella Blum is a member of the Program on Negotiation Executive Committee and faculty director of the Program on International Law and Armed Conflict. She is widely published in the fields of public international law and the law and morality of war, and is a Carnegie Fellow an … Read More About Gabriella Blum

Hannah Bowles

Hannah Bowles — Senior Lecturer and Chair of Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences at Harvard Kennedy School Hannah Riley Bowles is a leading expert on how gender influences pay negotiations and, more broadly, on negotiation as a micro-mechanism of inequality. She has been actively involved in negotiation and conflict management training, practice, and research for more than 25 years, having worked for the governments of Argentina, Costa Rica, and G … Read More About Hannah Bowles

Nicole Bryant

Nicole Bryant — Nicole Bryant is the Managing Director of the Program on Negotiation and member of PON’s Executive Committee. She brings to the position a proven track record of successful management and growth of large-scale continuing education programming in an international context. At PON, she oversees the activities of the staff, and supports the work of the faculty and researchers. Bryant previously worked at Tufts University, as the Director of Continu … Read More About Nicole Bryant

Jared R. Curhan

Jared R. Curhan — Sloan Distinguished Associate Professor of Organization Studies, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Founder and President, Program for Young Negotiators Inc. A recipient of support from the National Science Foundation, Jared Curhan specializes in the psychology of negotiation and conflict resolution. Notably, he has pioneered a social psychological approach to the study of “subjective value” in negotiation—th … Read More About Jared R. Curhan

Sheila Heen

Sheila Heen — An expert on managing difficult negotiations, Sheila Heen is a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School and a founder of Triad Consulting. Her corporate clients include Apple, BAE Systems, HSBC, Tatweer of Dubai, Unilever, the Federal Reserve Bank, Pixar, Novartis, and numerous family businesses. She often partners with executive teams, helping them work through conflict, repair working relationships, and make sound decisions together. In the public … Read More About Sheila Heen

Alain Lempereur

Alain Lempereur — Alan B. Slifka Professor, Director of the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence Program, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University Affiliated Faculty and Executive Committee Member, Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School Visiting Researcher, University of Geneva Over the past 25 years, Alain Lempereur has conducted consulting missions and executive trainings for a broad range of international organizations, nationa … Read More About Alain Lempereur

Deepak Malhotra

Deepak Malhotra — Deepak Malhotra is the Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and sits on the Executive Committee of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Deepak’s teaching, research and advisory work is focused on negotiation, deal-making, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. He has won numerous awards for his teaching & research, including the HBS Faculty Award, and has been twice selected by Harvard MBA stud … Read More About Deepak Malhotra

Brian Mandell

Brian Mandell — Mandell has been teaching public policy, international conflict resolution, and negotiation for 30 years. He has established himself as a preeminent teacher and curriculum designer at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he leads an innovative, intensive annual workshop course on advanced multiparty negotiation and conflict resolution. He refined his case teaching methods in international affairs as a Pew Faculty Fellow, and subsequently trained fac … Read More About Brian Mandell

Jeswald Salacuse

Jeswald Salacuse — Dean Emeritus and Distinguished Professor Emeritus, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University With broad experience in higher education, international development, and legal practice, Jeswald Salacuse specializes in international negotiation and arbitration, international business transactions, and law and development. He is the author of twenty books and numerous articles, including Leading Leaders: How to Manage Smart, Talented … Read More About Jeswald Salacuse

James K. Sebenius

James K. Sebenius — Gordon Donaldson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School Vice Chair for Practice-Focused Research, Program on Negotiation Executive Committee Chair, Great Negotiator Award Committee Director, Harvard Negotiation Project Co-Director, American Secretaries of State Program An authority on complex negotiations, James Sebenius has advanced the field in the academic realm, in the public and diplomatic sectors, and the bus … Read More About James K. Sebenius

Guhan Subramanian

Guhan Subramanian — Faculty Chair, Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School Joseph H. Flom Professor of Law and Business, Harvard Law School H. Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law, Harvard Business School Faculty Chair, J.D./M.B.A. Program, Harvard University The first person in the history of Harvard University to hold tenured appointments at both Harvard Law School (HLS) and Harvard Business School (HBS), Guhan Subramanian is a consummate educator, dealma … Read More About Guhan Subramanian

Lawrence Susskind

Lawrence Susskind — Ford Foundation Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) Director of the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center, Program on Negotiation, Harvard Law School Director of the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program Vice Chair-Pedagogy, Program on Negotation, Harvard Law School As one of the founders of the Program on Negotiation, Lawrence Susskind has delivered specialized negotiation and mediation … Read More About Lawrence Susskind