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Women and Negotiation: Why Women Sometimes Ask for Less

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The average college­-educated woman earns $713,000 less over the course of her working life than her male counterpart, according to the Coalition of Labor Union Women. What explains this persistent gender gap? Women employees’ awareness that they could be penalized for negotiating assertively on their own behalf is one factor, according to new research from … Read More 

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Negotiation and Leadership: Dealing with Difficult People and Problems

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It’s often said that great leaders are great negotiators. But how does one become an effective negotiator? On-the-job experience certainly plays a role, but for most executives, taking their negotiation skills to the next level requires outside training. Designed to accelerate your negotiation capabilities, Negotiation and Leadership examines core decision-making challenges, analyzes complex negotiation scenarios, … Read More 



New Car Negotiations: Are Women Better than Men?

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According to a recent report from NPR Morning Edition’s Sonari Glinton, women not only negotiate harder bargains than men when it comes to vehicle purchases, but also they do more extensive preparatory work. Conventional wisdom has always placed the automobile in the realm of the masculine, but the emergence of the prepared and educated female … Read More 


Canceled: The Difference Difference Makes in Mediation

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This event has been canceled due to inclement weather. The Women and Public Policy Program and the Center for Public Leadership in coordination with IGA 308M: Inclusive Security present: “The Difference Difference Makes in Mediation”

Date: January 12, 2011

Time: 6:00PM

Location: JFK Jr. Forum Littauer Building, 1st Floor John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University 79 JFK Street Cambridge, MA 02138 This event is free and … Read More 


Daniel Shapiro featured in article about negotiation in Oprah Magazine

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In her article Mastering the Art of Making a Deal, Valerie Monroe consults Professor Daniel Shapiro for advice on negotiation. The article chronicles Monroe’s attempt to negotiate all of her transactions over the course of a day. Monroe references Beyond Reason, by Professor Shapiro and Professor Roger Fisher as well as William Ury’s book Getting … Read More