Worst Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement: In a negotiation, your WATNA represents one of several paths that you can follow if a resolution cannot be reached. Like its BATNA counterpart, understanding your WATNA is one alternative you can use to compare against your other options along alternative paths in order to make more informed decisions at the bargaining table.

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August 2014

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When Leading Multiparty Negotiations, Break It Down: A great negotiator offers lessons for simplifying complex talks.
When Facing an Ideological Impasse, Appeal to Status: New research identifies a technique for breaking down barriers to agreement.
Negotiation Research You Can Use: Anger, sadness, and sacred issues.
Dear Negotiation Coach: The benefits of trust in negotiation and just how trusting you should be.

July 2014

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How to Win at Win-Win Negotiation: Think you have to choose between collaborating and competing? A new book shows how you can have the best of both worlds.

Build Strong Relationships in Business Negotiations: When creating and implementing deals, negotiators reap great benefits from close bonds.

For Silicon Valley, a Breach of “Don’t Be Evil?” Allegations of collusion reflect the ethical perils of business negotiations.

Negotiation Research You Can Use: When Anchoring Isn’t Effective

Dear Negotiation Coach: Negotiating Patent Disputes in a Fair and Cost-Effective Manner.

10 Hard Bargaining Tactics

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Don’t be caught unprepared by hard bargainers, warn Mnookin, Peppet, and Tulumello in Beyond Winning. Here is their Top 10 list of common tactics.

Business Negotiators: Find the Right Fit

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When approached by a partner whispering sweet nothings about untold riches and power, it can be tempting to rush through the negotiation process. But if you do, you could find out too late that your Prince Charming is nothing but a frog—and that those glass slippers on your feet pinch. That’s how famed shoe designers Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison felt not long after inking their seemingly sweetheart deal with Marc Fisher, the scion of the 9 West shoe fortune, as reported by Jessica Lustig in the August 1 New York Times.

The Paradox of Positions

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It’s not difficult for negotiators haggling over seemingly finite resources to become entrenched in their positions. Sometimes the only way to get unstuck is to think appreciatively and creatively about the other side. Rather than trying to determine why a person has taken a particular position, consider what she wants, appreciate it, and try to deliver it.

June 2014

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Launch More Productive Cross-Cultural Negotiations: Concerns about dignity, face-saving, and honor can derail negotiations conducted between cultures. Prepare to avoid misunderstandings and identify shared concerns.

Is Your Negotiating Style Holding You Back? A balance between assertiveness and empathy will improve your results.

How Will You Deal With Conflict? Rather than both empathizing and asserting, people often respond to any conflict that arises in negotiation in one of three suboptimal ways, write Mnookin, Peppet, and Tulumello in their book Beyond Winning.
Book Notes: Thanks For the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well – Make the most of feedback in your negotiations.

To Discourage Deception – Try These 12 Moves

Dear Negotiation Coach: Close to the Finish Line? Take a Step Back.

Status Anxiety in Business Negotiations

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Sometimes in negotiation we are forced to deal not only with the issues on the table but also with concerns about status.

One famous instance took place in the late 1980s, when Robert Campeau, head of the Campeau Corporation and then one of Fortune magazine’s “50 Most Fascinating Business People,” tried to acquire Federated Department tores, the parent company of the prestigious department store Bloomingdale’s.

A bidding war over Bloomingdale’s escalated between Campeau and R.H. Macy. Campeau won with an irrationally high offer – but had to declare bankruptcy shortly thereafter.

May 2014

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Beyond Walking Away: Facing Difficult Negotiation Tactics Head-On: Coping with Lies, Threats, and Insults? Here’s How to Change the Game.

Get Past “Us” versus “Them”: A New Book Applies an Old Philosophy to Resolving Moral Conflicts.

Facebook’s Purchase of WhatsApp: Behind the Eye-Popping Acquisition.

Dear Negotiation Coach: Cooling Off After Conflict.

April 2014

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Manage the Tension Between Claiming and Creating Value: Balance the Costs and Benefits of Sharing Information in Business Negotiations

In Negotiation, Emotional Intelligence Brings Mixed Results: The Ability to Regulate and Read Emotions May Be Less of a Boon to a Negotiator Than You May Expect.

Bringing Congress Back to the Negotiating Table: Political Science Offers a New Perspective on Washington Gridlock

Dear Negotiation Coach: The Benefits of Nonverbal Communication in Negotiation.

March 2014

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Lessons from a Master Negotiator: Nelson Mandela.

Negotiation Research You Can Use: The High Cost of (Unconcious) Racial Bias

Questioning Authority: Negotiating with Uninformed Parties

Dear Negotiation Coach: What Can I Do To Feel Less Anxious When I Negotiate?