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Dialogue and Mediation

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Dialogue and Mediation Skills (HS 240A)

Fall 2014

Thursday 2:00-4:50 pm


Theodore Johnson


This course teaches dialogue and mediation skills that are particularly designed for work in the field of intercommunal conflict. A practitioner who is skilled in such work at both local and international levels will teach this course.

Course Objectives:

The course addresses the development and current state of

Dialogue and Mediation Skills

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Dialogue and Mediation Skills (HS 240)


Theodore Johnson


Open only to students enrolled in the MA program in coexistence and conflict. Other students considered with permission of the instructor. May not be taken for credit by students who took COEX 240a in prior years.Addresses the theoretical and practical approaches to mediation and facilitation skills for people and

Intercultural Communications

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Inter-Cultural Communications (HS-250)

FALL 2013

Theodore Johnson

This course engages students to honor and share their own culture while developing a capacity to: be inclusive of many other cultures, progress from an ethnocentric toward an ethno-relative state of understanding and acceptance of cultural differences; view cultural differences objectively and understand that differences are not hierarchical; identify and appreciate

From the Symphony Hall to the Jazz Jam Session: Teaching negotiation to graduate students vs. providing negotiation training to senior executives: Quite Similar or Very Different?

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Negotiation Pedagogy Faculty Dinner Seminar, November 14th, 2011
Panelists: Theodore Johnson (Brandeis University), Deborah Kolb(Simmons College), Deepak Malhotra (Harvard Business School),Brian Mandell (Harvard Kennedy School of Government), Melissa Manwaring (Babson College), Bruce Patton (Vantage Partners), and James Sebenius (Harvard Business School). Moderated byMichael Wheeler (Harvard Business School)
The fall Negotiation Pedagogy Faculty Dinner Seminar took place at the Harvard Faculty Club on November 14, 2011. The event brought together more than

The Militancy Paradox: How Militant Extremism Makes Peace Negotiations Possible and Improbable

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Deepak Malhotra

Peervision Case Conference: 10:15-11:30am

Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Deepak Malhotra will examine the impact of extremist (militant) groups on ethno-political negotiations and on the prospects of peace. Whereas extremist groups are typically seen as responsible for obstructing the peace process, Professor Malhotra will argue that an examination of the roots of extremism and the

Lessons from the PON Seminar “Negotiating Labor Agreements”

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Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld
Robert McKersie

This presentation will review lessons learned from the PON Seminar on Negotiating Labor Agreements. The seminar is attended by union and management representatives from industries and sectors such as airlines, aerospace, autos, education, entertainment, government, healthcare and others where the bargaining process is central to strategic success. The approach in the seminar involves

The Limits of Track II Diplomacy: Early Lessons from the Geneva Initiative

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Brian S. Mandell

In his presentation, The Limits of Track II Diplomacy: Early Lessons from the Geneva Initiative, Brian Mandell will examine the effectiveness of Track II initiatives. In December 2003, a group of prominent Israelis and Palestinians signed the Geneva Accord, a peace initiative that was negotiated in secret for more than two years despite

Careers in Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Perspectives from the Field

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Careers in Negotiation
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The Program on Negotiation Student Interest Group hosted a panel discussion, “Careers in Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Perspectives from the Field,” Thursday, April 17 from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at Harvard Law School.

In this career roundtable discussion, six professional conflict management practitioners provided insight about negotiation and ADR opportunities along with