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Mediating Disputes

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Become a skilled mediator.

Salvaging relationships. Opening lines of communication. De-escalating conflicts. Reaching workable agreements.

The success of any mediation is predicated on the skills of the mediator.

In this popular program, you will acquire the practical skills and techniques for facilitating negotiations between disputing parties. From family and employment matters to public policy and business disagreements, you will discover effective ways to settle differences and mediate disputes across a variety of contexts.

Free Report


Free Report

Mediation Secrets for Better Business Negotiations: Top Techniques from Mediation Training Experts

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In this Special Report, the experts and editors from Harvard’s Program on
Negotiation offer a sampling of advice from past issues of Negotiation to help you learn the techniques you need to resolve your disputes through mediation. You will learn to select the right dispute-resolution process, choose a mediator with appropriate expertise, learn the steps your mediator is likely to follow and enhance your outcomes through novel strategies.