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Mediating Disputes

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June 9 – 13, 2014
Mediating Disputes is full and registration has closed. To be added to the waitlist for this session, please click here and follow the instructions.
Become a skilled mediator.

Salvaging relationships. Opening lines of communication. De-escalating conflicts. Reaching workable agreements.

The success of any mediation is predicated on the skills of the mediator.

In this popular program, you will acquire the practical skills and techniques for facilitating negotiations between disputing parties. From family and employment matters to public policy and business disagreements, you will discover effective ways to settle differences and mediate disputes across a variety of contexts.

Want the Best Possible Deal? Cultivate a Cooperative Reputation – Collaboration and Value Creation

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In negotiation, different types of reputations serve different purposes. When you’re haggling over just one issue, such as the price of a used car or a computer installation, one party’s win is typically the other’s party’s loss. In such distributive negotiations, where each party is trying to claim the biggest piece of a fixed pie, having a reputation as a tough bargainer can be an effective means of undermining a competitor’s confidence and power.

Negotiating Systems

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While most negotiation research aims to sharpen individual managers’ skills, there is growing scholarly and professional interest in an organizational approach to negotiation.A systemic perspective evaluates the training, authority, procedures, and resources that manager need to improve their companies’ “return on negotiation,” as consultant Danny Ertel puts it. Looking at negotiations broadly reveals important design questions.


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Download Mediation Secrets for Better Business Negotiations: Top Techniques from Mediation Training Experts and you will discover mediation techniques for selecting the right mediator, understand the mediation process and learn how to engage the mediator to ensure a good outcome.

Moving Forward in Mediation Together

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The teacher’s federation has qualms with the current education bill’s stipulations regarding the scheduling and terms for mediation between the federation and provincial government. The government is open to further negotiations, but refuses to offer more money. Susan Lambert, president of the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation, asserts that the government is acting in bad faith, claiming the “whole process is a mockery of fair play…There is a predetermined outcome that requires us to be complacent in stripping out of our collective agreement rights that [the employers tried to take out] at the bargaining table, rights that took a long time to negotiate.” Could mediation unlock value between these parties that was previously left untouched, even though one side has little faith in the process?

Navigating the Mediation Process

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Negotiations have reached an impasse, but both sides agree on one thing: you need help resolving the dispute. You engage a neutral mediator to do just that. Rather than acting as a judge who decides who “wins” or “loses,” a third-party mediator assists parties in reaching an agreement.
Negotiators often feel unprepared for mediation. The very

How Lawyers Affect Mediation

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How does the presence of lawyers affect the process of mediation? You might guess that when one or both sides bring an attorney to a mediation, the process would become more contentious and adversarial, with impasse more likely, than if the parties worked solely with a mediator.

That conventional wisdom is contradicted by new research by

When peace breaks out

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Adapted from “Framing a Negotiation to Foster Cooperation,” first published in the Negotiation newsletter.

Sometimes in negotiation, against all apparent odds, peace breaks out. Union leaders and management reach a last-minute agreement that averts a work stoppage. Litigants settle their differences as they mount the courthouse steps. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and moves on.


National Institutes of Health Office of the Ombudsman

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National Institutes of Health Office of the Ombudsman

Center for Cooperative Resolution
Building 31, Room 2B63
31 Center Drive, MSC 2087
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2087
Tel: (301) 594-7231
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