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International Negotiation Role Playing: Systems Thinking and Peace-Building

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international negotiation - peacebuilding negotiation strategies in international negotiations

Policymakers, practitioners, and academics have seized on the need for peacebuilding negotiation strategies in international negotiation to be as complex and adaptive as the societies within which they work. As a result, there are loud calls for “whole of government” or “whole of community” approaches that cross traditional sectoral boundaries.  The problem is that these approaches are … Read More 


Studies in International Mediation

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Studies in International Mediation brings together a number of the most prominent scholars in the field of international relations and conflict management to consider the uses of mediation in international conflict resolution. Edited by Jacob Bercovitch, the volume highlights three major themes: the reasons mediation succeeds or fails, the range and diversity of mediation as … Read More 


Announcing the 2016-2017 PON Graduate Research Fellows

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    The Program on Negotiation Graduate Research Fellowships are designed to encourage young scholars from the social sciences and professional disciplines to pursue theoretical, empirical, and/or applied research in negotiation and dispute resolution. Consistent with PON’s goal of fostering the development of the next generation of scholars, this program provides support for one year of dissertation … Read More 


Resolving Conflicts on the High Seas

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In negotiation over a limited pool of resources, conflicts often spring up over what constitutes a fair agreement. If two business partners are going their separate ways, they might have different ideas about how their shared assets should be divided, for example. Currently, such a dispute is playing out between China and four of its … Read More