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FALL 2012
Ericka Gray

This course introduces you to the theory and skills of mediation, examines current legal and policy issues in the field, surveys the practice of mediation in a range of areas including family, public policy, and commercial, and provides the opportunity to practice techniques as mediators and advocates in the mediation


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BOSTON COLLEGE LAW SCHOOL (LL-92502 [Fall] and LL-92501 [Spring])

FALL and SPRING 2012/2013
Ericka Gray

Whether you incorporate mediation into your practice as an advocate for your client or you choose to become a mediator, this course provides a sound theoretical and practical skills base necessary for ethical practice. Beginning with an overview of interest based negotiation, mediation


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Career Panels

Each year PON organizes a number of Career Panels to support students in their effort to build a career in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. For example, the Building A Career in Conflict Resolution Series brought leading academics and practitioners together to share valuable insight and experiences in the following three areas:

Perspectives on Dispute Resolution

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Please join the Program on Negotiation in honoring and celebrating Frank E. A. Sander, Harvard Law School professor, co-founder of the Program on Negotiation, and a seminal figure in the development of the field of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.

In 1976, Chief Justice Warren Burger asked Frank Sander to present a paper on alternative dispute