Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is the process of discussion between two or more disputants, who seek to find a solution to a common problem, one that meets their needs and interests acceptably. Learning to be a skilled negotiator can help you make deals, solve problems, manage conflict, and preserve relationships. Negotiation strategies, techniques and tips can be found in our Negotiation Newsletter and skills are taught in our Executive Education programs and graduate programs.

Learn how to negotiate like a diplomat, think on your feet like an improv performer, and master job offer negotiation like a professional athlete when you download a FREE copy of Negotiation Skills: Negotiation Strategies and Negotiation Techniques to Help You Become a Better Negotiator.

When You Should Put Pen to Paper

PON Staff   •  01/22/2013   • Filed in Negotiation Skills

Managers often are surprised to learn that deals don’t need to be written down to be legally binding. As a matter of contract law, all that’s needed is an offer, acceptance, and consideration - legalese for a benefit gained by each side. For many deals, this means that a handshake is sufficient to “bind” the … Read More 

Improving Negotiation Skills Training

Keith Lutz   •    • Filed in Negotiation Skills

How would you characterize your negotiating style: Are you collaborative, competitive, or compromising? If you have trouble answering that question, you’re probably not alone. That’s because skilled negotiators typically take on all these styles during a negotiation: they listen closely and collaborate to create value, they compete for the biggest slice of the pie, and … Read More 

Fickle Intuition

PON Staff   •  01/09/2013   • Filed in Negotiation Skills

Placing Trust in Others

When it comes to trusting others, negotiators often rely on their gut instincts.

Recent studies indicate, however, that extraneous factors can sway such judgments.

For example, Michael Kosfeld and other University of Zurich researchers introduced a twist in a classic trust game in which subjects must decide on how much money to invest when … Read More 

PON co-sponsors negotiation skills training for Israeli and Palestinian students

PON Staff   •    • Filed in Middle East Negotiation Initiative, Negotiation Skills, Videos

Thanks to leadership from the Middle East Negotiation Initiative (MENI) of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, a series of negotiation skills trainings was recently provided to eleventh grade students from Jewish and Arab schools in Israel.  These two-day workshops, co-sponsored by the Program on Negotiation and the Amal Network and funded by … Read More 

Negotiation Tips: A Value-Creation Checklist

Keith Lutz   •  01/08/2013   • Filed in Negotiation Skills

By following these tips in your next negotiation, you’ll improve your chances of meeting everyone’s interests.

Before you sit down at the bargaining table, imagine a wide-range of options and packages, including some that may seem far-fetched.
When talks begin, remember that getting down to business too quickly can stand in the way of building trust.
Emphasize to … Read More 

Seeing May Be Misleading

PON Staff   •  01/07/2013   • Filed in Negotiation Skills

Consider the first-ever televised debates between the U.S. presidential candidates in 1960.

Studies of the audience after the first of four debates revealed that in the eyes of television viewers, charismatic and confident John F. Kennedy was clearly victorious over the sullen Richard Nixon, who had a five o’clock shadow and was also underweight and pallid … Read More 

Training for Non-Face-to-Face Negotiations

PON Staff   •  01/03/2013   • Filed in Negotiation Skills

Negotiating by email poses a set of challenges that one doesn’t often encounter in face-to-face negotiations.

Without the benefit of seeing your counterpart’s body language, what one person might intend to be a straightforward request the other might perceive to be rude.

A legitimate delay responding to an email offer by one party might be construed … Read More 

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